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Employees are the building blocks of our Jindal Stainless. We hire and retain the best talent in the industry through our institutionalized HR processes and practices, which is perhaps what makes us one of the most preferred employers in our sector. Innovation and excellence are an inherent part of our company culture, and act as the foundation stones for exciting career growth opportunities at Jindal Stainless.

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Employees are the building blocks of Jindal Stainless. We hire and retain the best talent in the industry through our institutionalized HR processes and practices, which is perhaps what makes us one of the most preferred employers in our sector.

Innovation and excellence are an inherent part of our company culture, and act as the foundation stones for exciting career growth opportunities at Jindal Stainless.


The resourcing policy at Jindal Stainless aims at attracting the right talent to fit specific roles. We focus on a blend of experience with fresh energy and outlook. Competency-based recruitment process at Jindal Stainless measures technical expertise, leadership capabilities, and cultural fit. We encourage diversity in our talent pool by recruiting people with complementary skills and also have an active employee referral scheme.

Career Progression

New challenges, learning programs, and leadership opportunities offer an ambitious career path at Jindal Stainless. Our competency based Career Progression system counts on the potential of employees, along with their performance, to take up higher responsibilities.


Transparency within the organization is embodied in all practices and processes at Jindal Stainless. Departmental meetings, open forums, and newsletters keep employees and customers updated. The Company also focuses on a culture of informal communication between leadership and customers. Initiatives like ‘Coffee with MD' and ‘MD Sampark’ allow cross-functional employee representations for interaction sessions directly with the Managing Director.

Rewards & Recognition

Recognizing the accomplishments of employees contributes to a supportive work environment and supports the attraction and retention of committed and engaged employees. Jindal Stainless always thrives on encouraging employee achievements that benefit business objectives. Our reward and recognition policies create a robust talent pipeline and a high performance culture.

‘Progress with people’ is at the heart of our corporate ethos and human resource policies. It is reflected in the way we build teams, create shared vision, execute our growth plans, and nurture talent to address business challenges.

High Performance Workplace

The hallmark of Jindal Stainless’ HR practices is to develop a winning employee value proposition as they create a high performance work environment. Training programs, leadership opportunities, and performance-linked incentives encourage everyone to learn more and perform better.

To do this, we spot talent early and provide grooming through leadership development programs. The Leadership team act as mentors and coaches for younger managers, helping them develop the skills necessary to lead large businesses.

Performance and leadership is systematically rewarded. We take pride in our culture of meritocracy and an institutionalized performance based reward and recognition mechanism, which aligns incentives to the achievement of corporate, departmental and individual objectives.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Jindal Stainless is an equal opportunity employer. Gender, caste, and religion play no role at Jindal Stainless. In fact, for us, diversity is an asset that helps broaden people’s horizons and improve team work and problem solving skills. The only thing we value is merit, which plays a vital role in our hiring and retention program.

At Jindal Stainless, learning opportunities abound. Employees are routinely encouraged to take part in a variety of skill development, leadership, problem solving and other programs that build capacity to lead the business.


We emphasize on continuous learning and employee training at all levels for building technical and behavioural competence, self-development and leadership traits. They further help develop skills necessary for time management, improving communication skills, managing and winning in teams, preventing personal and work conflicts, managing stress, and dealing with internal and external customers.

Nurturing Future Leaders

Investing in nurturing potential leaders is essential part of Jindal Stainless’ HR policies. Significant investment is made on the development of talent pool and towards creating a robust leadership pipeline and succession planning. Leadership programs like Masterful Management, EXCEED and LEAP (Integrated Leadership Development Programs) are aimed at enhancing the leadership potential of employees. These programs provide a full spectrum of leadership development opportunities to participants through a variety of experiences, intensive learning labs, wisdom transfer, action learning projects, coaching, and individual connects to create real time business impact.


True to its mission of becoming a learning organization, Jindal Stainless has accelerated its efforts for enhancing and connecting organizational knowledge and corporate performance through its well equipped knowledge centres at Hisar and Odisha. These centres house vast knowledge resources available in the form of books, journals, conference proceedings, standards, training manuals, etc. Knowledge kiosks and learning cells have been established at various locations at the shop floors as well.

Employees are the pillars ofJindal Stainless and their well-being is our priority. A participative work culture always plays a key role in bonding the people together. Our endeavor is to balance the professional and personal lives of our employees and try to lend a helping hand towards their well-being.

Employees enjoy the entrepreneurial ambience that provide a global perspective and allows each to explore and utilize their capabilities. Alongside, various developmental initiatives at Jindal Stainless enable them to focus on enhancing performance, behavior, and building capability.

Our efforts are directed towards providing a congenial and comfortable work environment to the employees. Jindal Stainless adopts employee engagement activities including sports, cultural programs, volunteering program for CSR, and other recreational activities from time to time.

Along with a tax-friendly, individualized and differentiated compensation structure, and a performance-linked variable pay, the Company provides a number of benefits like medical and healthcare support, housing or rent assistance, subsidized work clothing, canteen facilities, annual leave and travel allowance, schooling assistance, provident fund, pension, and group gratuity schemes.

Innovation and excellence are an inherent part of our company culture, and act as the foundation stones for exciting career growth opportunities at Jindal Stainless.



At Jindal Stainless, employees are made to feel at home with proper accommodation facilities and all amenities. There are hostel facilities at both the locations- Hisar and Odisha - for GETs (Graduate Engineer Trainees) and DETs (Diploma Engineer Trainees). Women employees have separate hostels and are provided pick and drop facility.


The N C Jindal Public School (Delhi), Vidya Devi Jindal School (Hisar), and Jindal Modern School (Hisar) focus on providing best quality education to the employees’ wards and the community at large. Wards of employees with a low level of income are provided free or concessional education.

Medical Assistance

We provide basic medical care at our premises through an occupational health center, manned by a competent doctor and a core team. All the employees are covered through medical insurance. Additionally, employees are entitled to basic healthcare facilities at the N C Jindal Institute of Medical Care & Research, a 558-bed multi-specialty hospital established by Jindal Stainless in Hisar. Apart from this, immunization for employees’ children is available on a free/subsidized basis.

Employee Welfare Scheme

Our employee welfare scheme provides financial assistance to the employee/their family in the case of death/permanent total disablement of an employee, along with medical treatment for self and dependants and assistance during natural calamities. It also provides retirement benefits to all regular employees. In case of death of a regular employee, while in service, the family will continue to get an ex-gratia amount as specified up to a pre-defined time period.


Stainless Club, Hisar

One of the premium facilities at Jindal Stainless is the Stainless Club in Hisar. Spread over five acres of lush greenery, it offers a host of state-of-the-art recreational facilities - swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis court, badminton court, basketball court, indoor games, jogging tracks, children’s park, free Internet service, restaurant, party rooms, audio-video rooms, etc. In Odisha, an in-house club comprises table tennis room, gymnasium, billiards room, and a library. The Stainless Club is very active in organising various social and sports events for employees and members.

Community Lunches

Jindal Stainless organizes community lunches on a regular basis. Get-togethers for employees are organized each year in January. Founder’s day is celebrated across the company on August 7 each year with cultural programs, commemorations, large scale lunches, community social activities, contests, recognition for employees etc.

Cultural Events

With the objective of fostering employee engagement and creating a joyous environment, different committees at respective locations are formed to organize various cultural events for employees and members. The purpose of these events are to boost employees’ energy and motivation by bringing them together on a single platform.

At Jindal Stainless, we appreciate determined lateral thinkers who can add value to our functioning and help achieve organizational and career goals. We believe that hard work, knowledge, and commitment are important for the growth and success of the Company and the employees alike. Thus, we strive hard towards creating an environment of speedy personal learning, early empowerment, and excellent professional opportunities. Our policies give supreme importance to rigorous training, counseling, and a working atmosphere that is challenging, rewarding, and enjoyable. The Company's budding culture and value system sets an ideal platform for young talents to nurture and outperform.

Jindal Stainless always looks forward to infuse young blood into the organization. Fresh talent is hired straight from the campus as Graduate Engineer Trainees, Diploma Engineer Trainees, Management Trainees, and ITIs.

For a period of one year, trainees are acclimatized to the organizational culture and imparted trainings with the necessary skills and knowledge required for successful implementation of the job. Considering their areas of interest, we identify their strengths and place them in roles that help them maximize learning and growth.

People with high aspirations will always come across challenging opportunities which will enable them to gain expertise and climb up the success ladder.