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Specialty Products

Jindal Stainless's Specialty Product Division caters to the high-end precision and specialty stainless steel requirements of reputed Indian and international customers.


Precision strips

Precision strips are formed via a cold rolling process & they offer attractive features such as:

  • Accurate control over the strip dimensions (tolerances can be controlled in micron levels),
  • Ability to manufacture low sheet thickness of up to 50 microns
  • Obtaining an excellent surface finish.

The major thrive is to ensure defect-free strips, exhibiting low material property variations from the center to the edges of the strip. These can be manufactured in different grades depending on the desired application.

Coin Blanks

Jindal Stainless has been supplying stainless steel coins blanks to the Indian and international mints for making coins. The Company has the capability to produce high quality stainless steel and non-ferrous coin blanks. The present installed capacity for coin blanking is 10,000 metric tonnes per annum.


Blanking: The process involves punching pieces in specific shapes from sheets or strips. The punched-out piece is called the “blank,” hence the name “Blanking.” It is most often performed with tools made from hardened steel or carbide, which work on metals like Cupronickel alloys, Brass, Nickel Brass, Aluminium- Nickel Bronze, Ferritic stainless steel, etc.

Rimming: The rimming operation is carried out to raise the edge rims on the blank to form a “Coin Blank”.

  • A strip of metal having a precise thickness is fed into a blanking press, which cuts blank disks of the required diameter.
  • These blanks are deburred & cleaned.
  • Edge rimming is done to achieve the required blank dimensions.
  • Press-fitting of blanks of different diameters is done according to the currency requirements.
  • The coin blank sample undergoes a series of annealing, descaling & polishing operations in order to achieve the required surface finish.
  • Auto-inspection & weight check is performed on each coin blank before it is bagged & shipped.

Razor Blades

Razor blade cold rolled strips of up to 0.076 mm thickness are produced in Company’s Special Products Division (SPD) at Hisar and are supplied to leading Indian and international razor blade manufacturers.


Stainless Steel Speciality Products at Jindal Stainless plant

Precision Strips

Excellent geometry precision- minimal thickness and width tolerances, flatness & straightness

Carefully designed microstructure

Free from harmful non-metallic inclusions

Good mechanical properties

Excellent surface finish

Best flatness metrics – ripple-free slit edges

Ready to be further fabricated - punching, stamping, embossing, etc. can be easily done on these precision strips.

Touch-free automated packaging

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