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The Sustainability Promise

Transforming ideas into tangible impact.

We believe that effective sustainability transcends mere conservation. By fostering a workplace culture, we empower every individual to take conscious strides towards environmental responsibility.


At Jindal Stainless, sustainability is more than a commitment; it’s the core value that defines every step we take. We are actively forging a greener future through responsible practices and innovative solutions. By embracing the durability and recyclability of stainless steel, we minimize our environmental footprint while prioritizing social progress. Our dedication to sustainability defines our journey, driving us to adopt eco-friendly manufacturing processes and reduce carbon emissions.

Join us in crafting a tomorrow that’s not just stainless but sustainable.

3 Pillars of ESG



Jindal Stainless leads in environmental sustainability, reducing emissions, conserving water, responsibly managing waste, adopting renewables, optimizing materials, and contributing to afforestation.

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Jindal Stainless is deeply committed to social responsibility, prioritizing employee well-being, safety, and development. Rooted in core values, we are dedicated to fostering a sustainable, inclusive, and responsible world both internally and externally.

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We maintain a robust governance framework grounded in high ethical standards. At Jindal Stainless, governance signifies unwavering dedication to integrity, accountability, and sustainable progress.

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Mr Ratan Jindal, Chairman, Jindal Stainless

From the Leaders Desk

Jindal Stainless proudly spearheads sustainability with the introduction of India's first stainless steel green hydrogen plant. This transformative initiative not only establishes a new standard for carbon abatement but also underscores our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship. Our unwavering dedication to sustainable practices, responsible innovation, and adapting to meet stakeholders' expectations is the cornerstone of shaping a cleaner and greener future. Fueled by this commitment, alongside our focus on renewable energy, electric transport, and robust ESG strategies, we stride towards a tomorrow that is not only sustainable but also environmentally conscious.

Mr Ratan Jindal, Chairman

Mr Abhyuday Jindal, Managing Director, Jindal Stainless

From the Leaders Desk

In a world that increasingly demands responsible corporate citizenship, Jindal Stainless is steadfastly committed to achieving Net Zero GHG emissions by 2050, with a focus on 100% recyclable stainless steel. Our dedication includes ongoing investment in renewable energy sources. Through deliberate decarbonization efforts, we have successfully reduced approximately 2.4 lakh tonnes of CO2 in FY22 and FY23. Prioritizing employee safety and upholding ethical standards, we ensure positive impacts for stakeholders, shaping a sustainable future.

Mr Abhyuday Jindal, Managing Director

Mr Kalyan Kumar Bhattacherjee, Chief Sustainability Officer, Jindal Stainless

From the Leaders Desk

At Jindal Stainless, our commitment towards the environment and responsible business practices is a cornerstone of our values and business strategy. We are deeply honoured to showcase our relentless pursuit of environmental stewardship, responsible sourcing and social responsibility in this year’s Sustainability Report. In a world facing unprecedented environmental and social challenges, sustainability is not merely a choice, but an imperative, and our vision is to be a catalyst for positive change in the communities we serve.Thank you for joining us on this transformative path towards a greener, more sustainable world. Your continued trust and partnership enables us to build a more inclusive and equitable future.

Mr Kalyan Kumar Bhattacherjee, Chief Sustainability Officer

Our Decarbonisation Initiatives

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