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Blooms are a semi-finished product of stainless steel which can be produced using smaller mould sizes. The product has a square or rectangular cross-section with a thickness of about 120 mm or above and the width is comparable with its thickness. Blooms can be further rolled into long & flat finished products.


Stainless Steel Blooms at Jindal Stainless plant

Blooms manufactured through the continuous casting route provide a better advantage in further rolling operations when compared to other conventional casting processes, in terms of their unidirectional solidified microstructure, in turn, they provide better properties when compared to the other casting processes.

Blooms are cost-effective and have significantly reduced manufacturing time compared to conventionally cast stainless steel ingots.

Blooms can be transported very easily.

Blooms are cast from twin stand bloom caster at steel melt shops. Liquid steel is produced through electric arc furnace-AOD convertor/VOD-ladle refining furnace route.

Size: 160 mm sq.
200 mm sq.
260 x 200 mm

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