Materiality Assessment - Sustainability Strategy | Jindal Stainless
Materiality Assessment

Materiality Assessment

Materiality Assessment Process

Identification of material topics

Numerous significant concerns were formulated by considering peer evaluations, global and regional industry trends, guidance from GRI reporting standards, Sustainable Development Goals, and specific ESG rating benchmarks.

Rationalisation of material topics

Discussions with the core team to finalise key themes and their supporting rationale. Compilation of material topics for Jindal Stainless

Categorisation of material topics

Material concerns were categorised into ESG aspects. Five themes were formulated aligning with the company’s vision, mission statements and the UN SDGs Material issues were additionally organised into recognised themes.

Coverage of Material Issues


Global and regional industry trends GRI reporting guidelines UN SDGs Global rating indices reporting and assessment frameworks: S&P CSA, MSCI, Sustainalytics

Peer benchmarking in the Stainless-Steel Industry

Benchmarking against best practices in other industries

Internal stakeholder alignment

Benchmarking against best practices in other industries
Following our materiality assessment process and inclusion of stakeholders and their understanding of business and the potential impact of different material topics, we have categorised our issues on a priority basis.

Ethical Conduct

Anti-Competitive Behaviour
Ethics Transparency
Human Rights
Customer Privacy
Regulatory Compliance

Care for Environment

Air & GHG Emissions Reduction
Waste Management
Water Conservation
Materials Management
Renewable Energy

Product Stewardship

Research and Development
Product Quality & Safety
Brand & Reputation Management
Operational Efficiency
Marketing and Labelling
Economic Performance

Empowering Stakeholders

Suppliers Assessment
Local Communities & CSR
Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
Customer Health and Safety
Stakeholders Engagement
Grievance Redressal
Knowledge Transfer

Well-being of Employees

Occupational Health and Safety
Employee Well-being, Training and Development
Diversity & Inclusion
Labour Management
Talent Retention