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Mr Vijay Arya

June 20, 2023    


Mr. Vijay Arya, Plant Head, Rohad, Jindal Lifestyle
Mr Vijay Arya
Plant Head, Rohad, Jindal Lifestyle

Meet Vijay Arya, the dynamic Plant Head, Jindal Lifestyle Limited, Rohad, whose extraordinary journey weaves together dedication, passion, and an unyielding pursuit of excellence. From a humble beginning to the towering heights of success, Mr Arya’s steadfast determination and unparalleled leadership have propelled him to the forefront of innovation and transformation. By conquering each milestone and tackling every challenge, he leaves an indelible mark, inspiring the stainless family to reach new heights and redefine what’s possible. Step into the realm of Vijay Arya, where dreams are nurtured, brilliance thrives, and a legacy is forged.

Tell us about your life before Jindal Lifestyle

Born and raised in the tranquil town of Gohana, Sonipat, Haryana, I was nurtured in an environment that instilled the values of discipline and determination within me from an early age. Hailing from an army background, my family did not have any connections to the industry. So I knew I had to forge my own path in pursuit of knowledge and growth. Fuelled by this drive, I embarked on my educational journey, earning my Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in 2000 and later achieving a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Rajasthan University in 2007.

The early stages of my career served as a fertile ground for personal and professional growth. As a trainee engineer at LPS Rohtak, I enthusiastically welcomed every challenge that came my way, viewing them as opportunities for learning and skill development. It was during this time that I delved into the intricacies of fastener operations, honing my skills and laying a strong foundation for the journey that lay ahead.

However, my thirst for growth and advancement led me to the doors of the ‘Arc Division at Jindal Stainless’ (now Jindal Lifestyle Limited), Tikri, in 2004. I wholeheartedly took the role of a Production Supervisor, immersing myself in the vibrant and dynamic environment that the company offered. The organization not only nurtured my aspirations but also provided me with abundant opportunities to excel in the field. Driven by my resilience to give my best, I swiftly progressed through the ranks, demonstrating my leadership prowess and technical acumen.

How has the journey with Jindal Lifestyle been for you?

My journey here has been nothing short of remarkable. As a Production Supervisor, I had the privilege of being involved in prestigious projects such as DMRC, JSPL Project/BQS, Modular Kitchen, etc. As we witnessed rapid expansion, we relocated to a larger facility in Pathredi in 2006, where I played a pivotal role in seamlessly transitioning and reestablishing production.

A significant turning point in my career came when I was entrusted with initiating the Quality function within the organisation. Guiding the Quality team, I took the opportunity to enhance product standards and elevate customer satisfaction to new heights. Collaborating closely with installation teams at project sites further enriched my skill set and broadened my perspective.

As an acknowledgement of my devotion towards my work, I was promoted to the Head of the production and PPC department at Jindal Lifestyle Limited, Rohad. Leading operations for the OEM, Homeware, and Kitchen business segments, I had the privilege of working closely with esteemed customers such as Whirlpool and IKEA. Together, my team and I embarked on a journey of innovation, developing tailored production lines and achieving noteworthy milestones in terms of production quantity and overall turnover.

I am constantly gaining invaluable experience in multi-functional roles, allowing me to make critical decisions and actively engage in various operational activities. In 2019, I was entrusted with the position of Plant Head at Jindal Lifestyle Limited, Rohad, a clear testament to my dedication to spearheading continuous improvement initiatives. Focused on elevating product quality, optimising costs, and embracing process automation, we successfully expanded our production capacity and introduced new lines to cater to evolving customer demands. Our customer-centric approach remains at the forefront of everything we do, exemplified by our ability to consistently deliver products that exceed Whirlpool’s stringent requirements, with rejection rates of less than 100 PPM.

Tell us about your most memorable moment here

There are many memorable moments to choose from. But if I were to pinpoint a single one, it would undoubtedly be the successful shift from the Tikri plant to the Pathredi Plant. It was an incredible feat, as we not only installed new machinery and set up production lines but also trained our team to operate at their best. This endeavour resulted in a significant enhancement of our production capacity, reaching a milestone of achieving the highest-ever revenue of INR 52 crores for the first time.

Another unforgettable moment was during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the temporary halt in operations due to government regulations, we faced a surge in customer demand. Through careful planning and utilising online connections, we obtained the necessary approvals and arranged for critical labour from various regions such as West Bengal, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh. With our efforts, we successfully restarted the plant and consistently achieved production of over 3 lakh bowls/month. Not only did we meet the increased demands, but we also fulfilled export requirements with an outstanding zero rejection PPM rate. These moments have been etched in my memory as testaments to our team’s adaptability and commitment to always give their best.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I simply love being at home with my dear family – my mother, father, and loved ones. Their company brings me immense happiness and contentment.

Apart from that, I have a hobby of reading books and enjoying poetry and ghazals. There’s something magical about diving into the pages of a book and getting lost in the stories. And when it comes to poetry and ghazals, the heartfelt verses and soothing melodies touch my soul and create a sense of calm within me.

What is your message to our stainless family?

My message is simple: Embrace active participation and see every challenge as an opportunity for growth. Remember, being a good leader means understanding the concerns of your team and fostering equal participation. Let’s go beyond merely assigning tasks and instead work side by side, leading by example. By doing so, we can witness the extraordinary unfold within our stainless family. Together, let’s be true leaders and witness the power of unity.