Our Initiatives


We are working on various projects at the community level that aim to reach out to people, address various social and environmental issues, and upskill individuals and help them earn a livelihood.

The programs tackle issues like lack of infrastructure at the local level, lack of livelihood opportunities, organic farming, community led total sanitation, etc. Jindal Stainless has undertaken various infrastructure development programs like construction of school buildings, water tanks, roads, water pipelines, etc. Training programs like pisciculture, betel vine cultivation, orange fleshed sweet potato cultivation, stitching, and tailoring are also being run by the Company to upskill individuals and aid them in livelihood generation.

Some of our major community development projects are

Infrastructure development of schools / hospitals / roads / drinking water facility etc

Community-led Total Sanitation Program

Promoting clean energy - bio-gas/jatropha


Betel vine cultivation

Mushroom cultivation

Vermi compost

Promotion of orange flesh sweet potato

Promoting smokeless chulhas

Solid waste management

Rain water harvesting