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Our Initiatives


We are working on various projects at the community level that aim to reach out to people, address various social and environmental issues, and upskill individuals and help them earn a livelihood.

The programs tackle issues like lack of infrastructure at the local level, lack of livelihood opportunities, organic farming, community led total sanitation, etc. Jindal Stainless has undertaken various infrastructure development programs like construction of school buildings, water tanks, roads, water pipelines, etc. Training programs like pisciculture, betel vine cultivation, orange fleshed sweet potato cultivation, stitching, and tailoring are also being run by the Company to upskill individuals and aid them in livelihood generation.

Some of our major community development projects are

Infrastructure development of schools / hospitals / roads / drinking water facility etc - Jindal Stainless

Infrastructure development of schools / hospitals / roads / drinking water facility etc

Community-led Total Sanitation Program - Jindal Stainless

Community-led Total Sanitation Program

Promoting clean energy - bio-gas/jatropha - Jindal Stainless

Promoting clean energy - bio-gas/jatropha

Pisciculture - Jindal Stainless


Betel vine cultivation - Jindal Stainless

Betel vine cultivation

Mushroom cultivation - Jindal Stainless

Mushroom cultivation

Vermi compost - Jindal Stainless

Vermi compost

Promotion of orange flesh sweet potato - Jindal Stainless

Promotion of orange flesh sweet potato

Promoting smokeless chulhas - Jindal Stainless

Promoting smokeless chulhas

Solid waste management - Jindal Stainless

Solid waste management

Rain water harvesting - Jindal Stainless

Rain water harvesting

Krishi Unnati with Jindal Stainless

A mission to double income of farmers through better farming practices



Our Initiatives

September 28, 2021

Jindal Stainless Foundation out to treat Clubfo...

In September 2021, Jindal Stainless Foundation, in partnership with Cure International India Trust (CIIT), launched a Clubfoot Disability Elimination Program in Haryana and Odisha for children born with the condition of clubbed feet. This is done in line with Foundations objective to help every individual, child or adult, live a dignified and optimal life.  In […]

August 30, 2021

Jindal Stainless installs automated ticketing s...

Jindal Stainless Foundation installed an automated ticketing and managing access system at Cuttack railway station on August 30, 2021. The move not only supports general automation initiatives being taken by Indian Railways, but is particularly helpful in times of pandemic like COVID 19, where human touch has to be minimized. The machine works for thermal […]

August 19, 2021

Jindal Stainless Foundation sets an example wit...

Jindal Stainless Foundation (JSF), the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of Jindal Stainless, along with Prabhaav Foundation, has taken up multiple sustainable initiatives to restore, develop, maintain, and preserve the iconic OP Jindal Memorial Park in Hisar, Haryana. The development has led the park to fulfill Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 11.7 set by the United Nations […]

June 6, 2021

Jindal Stainless Foundation helps farmers raise...

In another intervention by Jindal Stainless Foundation, farmers in Odisha were trained on best practices pertaining to growing bitter gourd. Bitter gourd is one of the most important vegetable crops grown in and around the Jajpur area in Odisha. It is cultivated by a majority of the farmers in the region. In the cropping season […]

May 1, 2021

Jindal Stainless Foundation solves soil fertili...

Sugarcane farmers in Deoda village of Jajpur, Odisha, faced problems related to the overall soil health, due to the previous overdose of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. This negatively impacted the crop productivity, increased cost of cultivation and hence, decreased the incomes of the farmers.  Jindal Stainless Foundation (JSF), in collaboration with Gram Unnati Foundation (GUF), […]

April 4, 2021

Jindal Stainless Foundation working to augment ...

Augmenting the income of farmers has been chief on the sustainability agenda of Jindal Stainless for a long time. In one such intervention, a much needed problem was identified and successfully resolved. Brinjal is among the most preferred crops in the Jajpur region of Odisha. However, during late Rabi and starting of Zaid season, a […]

April 2, 2021

Jindal Stainless Foundation arranges training s...

Farmers in the village Patapur of Sukinda Block of Odisha were tackling with a pest attack on their Brinjal plant. Worried by the problem, they reached out to Jindal Stainless Foundation, which has been working with the Gram Unnati Foundation to upskill and educate farmers. The team consulted experts and organized an on-farm training session […]

March 16, 2021

Jindal Stainless gets waste pickers health insu...

The Jindal Stainless Foundation, in partnership with Green Dream Foundation, initiated the project ‘Hisar Heroes’ for addressing the issue of solid waste management. With the objective to improve the life condition of the waste pickers, medical coverage cards were distributed to them at Hisar, Haryana. The initiative covers both day care and hospitalization under the […]