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Yogendra Singh

April 15, 2021    


Yogendra Singh - Jindal Stainless
DGM, RM Procurement, Gurugram

“Live with simplicity and ease, happiness will follow automatically” This is the life mantra of Mr Yogendra Singh. Our first ‘Abhivyakti Hero’ under Stainless Pride reward and recognition scheme, Mr Singh joined Jindal Stainless in 2005 and now feels one with the brand. Starting form SMS 1 in Hisar, he soon shifted to Procurement and then… the rest you’ll get to know in this story! Why did he win an award at Utsav 2019? Read on to find out.

Tell us about your life before Jindal Stainless 

I belong to Pilani in Rajasthan and I did my early schooling from Jaipur. Rajasthan is famous for its great warriors, vibrant colours and mining of Zinc and Copper. While growing up, I had a keen interest in mining which inspired me to pursue Metallurgical Engineering. After my course completion, I joined Viraj Alloys in Mumbai in 2004. I was there for less than a year and then joined Jindal Stainless in Hisar in 2005.

How has the journey of Jindal Stainless been for you? 

The journey with Jindal Stainless has been enriching and fulfilling. Having spent 16 years here, Jindal Stainless is a part of my being now. I joined here as a trainee at SMS 1 in 2005. That phase was full of learning about and understanding the  processes. I learnt the practical aspects of melting, refining and casting. A major breakthrough came in 2007 when I got transferred to the Procurement department in Hisar itself. With this sudden turn of events, I became the purchaser of RM instead of a consumer. I found this challenging in a different way and I got all the support from my seniors and subordinates. I am proud to say that once solely dependent on the international market, our Hisar plant is now using domestic SS scrap for almost 80% of its requirement. Initially, we were procuring less than 2000 Mt of 300 series scrap from domestic sources but now, we have reached the level of 22000 Mt per month. We have also developed cheaper sources of MS wire scrap. This role change has been beneficial for my personal growth also as well, since dealing and communicating with different clients has made me adept in understanding human nature and its diversity. Going forward, with charismatic leaders at helm and an amazing team to work with, I intend to become the best version of myself.

Which is your most memorable moment at Jindal Stainless? 

A moment where your hard work gets its due appreciation will definitely get etched in your mind. I can think of many memorable moments but what’s most precious to me is when my team – AVP, Mr Bhartendu Gupta; AM, Mr Santosh Kumar Tailor and I from the Raw Material Procurement department received the ‘Best Cost Savings Award’ at our annual family day ‘Utsav’ in 2019 from Ms Srishti Jindal. We got this award for developing a cheaper alternative of copper as a raw material, which saved the company around 2 crore rupees. It was a very happy moment for me which I will cherish for lifetime. I always draw inspiration from this incident whenever I am trying to find and achieve new possibilities. We all work to achieve the best in our careers, but when our efforts get recognised and appreciated; we are filled with a sense of contentment and motivation to give our best all the time.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

 I find joy in small things; glitz and glamour don’t allure me. I like to travel and explore new places. Fortunately, my wife also shares this passion with me. Our last trip was to Puri in January. We went to the Jagannath temple and nearby places like Chilika Lake. I have two kids, a daughter and a son. I like to make learning fun for my kids, through discussions and interaction. I feel they are like small pots, ready to be filled with all the knowledge about this world. My mantra of life is to live it with simplicity and ease, and be sure that happiness will follow automatically.

What is your message for the Jindal Stainless family? 

As we call ourselves the ‘Stainless Family’, communication, trust and teamwork are must required for smooth functioning. I feel that as a family, we all are committed towards Bauji’s dream of making a stainless world. Let us all hold hands and pull each other up and make this a dream come to reality