Celebrating World Environment Day with Jindal Stainless
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World Environment Day

June 15, 2021    



“The greatest threat to our plant is the belief that someone else will save it”

Robert Swan

Our progress as the human race has been inflicting a lot of damage on the environment, but our worst move yet would be the lack of intention to do something for damage-control. For this year’s World Environment Day, the United Nations came up with the theme of ‘Ecosystem Restoration’. We cannot turn back time but we can grow trees, green our cities, re-wild our gardens, change our diets, and clean up rivers and coasts. We are the generation that can make peace with nature. We are #GenerationRestoration. As the pioneer stainless steel makers of the country, we are committed to nature restoration from day 1, given the fact that the metal we produce is nearly 100% recyclable. Our Hisar and Jajpur plants have already adopted different approaches to restore nature. Let’s see what they are up to.

Head, CRD-SPD, Mr Rajinder Raina_ Head, EHS, Mr Sudhir Kumar_ Head, HR, Mr Praneet Kumar took part in the drive - Jindal Stainless
Head, CRD-SPD, Mr Rajinder Raina_ Head, EHS, Mr Sudhir Kumar_ Head, HR, Mr Praneet Kumar took part in the drive

Hisar –

Plantation drive in the old staff colony in Hisar - Jindal Stainless
Plantation drive in the old staff colony in Hisar

Our Hisar plant has adopted a multi-pronged approach, including plantation of trees, greening infrastructure by promotion of the green metal, switching to green and renewable energy sources, and minimal exploitation of natural resources. Our Hisar plant has reduced its GHG (Green House Gas) emission intensity by 16% through new and energy-efficient technologies, process modernization, switchover to low emission fuels, and increased share of renewable energy in each part of the manufacturing process. The company is committed to provide pollution-free environment in and around the plant. Some of major eco-restoration and resource conservation initiatives by the company in Hisar are-establishment of recovery facility and composting plant for waste generated from plant and residential colonies, recycling of spent acid using scanacon acid recovery system, 100 % recycling of water and waste water to achieve zero liquid discharge status, installation of solar power system, dust extraction system, bag filters, web scrubber etc. On this World Environment Day on June 5, 350 saplings were planted in the Old Staff Colony, Adarsh Colony and inside the Hisar plant premises. Keeping the target to plant over 20,000 saplings, the drive will continue for the next season as well.

Women and kids in the Adarsh Colony, Hisar planting trees - Jindal Stainless
Women and kids in the Adarsh Colony, Hisar planting trees

Jajpur –

Glimpse of the plantation drive in Jajpur - Jindal Stainless
Glimpse of the plantation drive in Jajpur

Our Jajpur plant is also going all-out to ensure that we put the best foot forward in our restoration efforts. In our Jajpur plant, an RCC drain of 2.3 km has been constructed all along the common boundary wall of nearby industries, followed by a settling pond of more than 18,000 m3 storage facility. For treatment of surface runoff water, a 250m3/hr Effluent

Treatment Plant (ETP) with the provision of Clariflucolator has been constructed and commissioned. New Bag House Systems, Pneumatic Dust Handling system (PDHS), Online Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) and Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System (CAAQMS) have been installed and commissioned. Towards solid waste management, extensive utilization of Bottom Ash from CPP/SMS Slag is being done in road making of NHAI. Installation and commissioning of Mercury Analyzer at the stack connected to the Captive Power Plant for continuous monitoring of Mercury as per statutory guidelines has been done. For effective control of emissions at the Coke Oven unit, Charging Car De-dusting System have been modified by conceptualising a cyclone separator. Towards greenbelt development inside the plant, around 38 % of total plant area has already been covered with greenery. On this June 5, senior officials and employees participated in A tree plantation drive organised at the new ETP area, near the old security barrack inside the plant premises. 

Glimpse of the plantation drive in Jajpur - Jindal Stainless
Glimpse of the plantation drive in Jajpur

World Environment Day Campaign Results

We asked our employees to share their unique ideas to restore nature and curb pollution. The overwhelming responses indicate the level of awareness among our employees. Let’s take a look at what our employees have to say on being the #GenerationRestoration

Here are the top 3 Ideas

Anshuman Tripathy - Jindal Stainless
Anshuman Tripathy

1. Anshuman Tripathy AM, CRM, Jajpur

Artificial algae plantation on a large rooftop in the industrial area to produce Natural O2 by natural photosynthesis. Which reduces the CO2 and produces O2 in one-time investment. The idea with Rooftop rainwater harvesting also saves water for industrial use. I can handle the project with full automation to supply the purest water to the clarified water sourcing.

Lakshit Seth - Jindal Stainless
Lakshit Seth

2. Lakshit Seth, DGM, OEC, Hisar

This is a very small contribution from me towards the environment:

a. I sow the seeds of the seasonal fruit like mango, Jamun, bel, lemon, etc in my garden/pot and when the seeds germinate and convert it into a small plant, take it out and plant it at some nearby place/garden where it can flourish and become a tree.

b. Separate the wet waste (waste from fruits, vegetables, etc) from the dry one, and in most cases, the wet waste can be fed to stray cows thereby feeding them, and on the other side, eliminating hygiene issues arising from wet waste.

c. Always stop and close taps that have been left open knowingly/unknowingly by someone

d. Usage of water from Air conditioners for washing/ sweeping floors

Pankaj Garg - Jindal Stainless
Pankaj Garg

3-Pankaj Garg, AM, Purchase, JSLL, Pathredi

We can use renewable resources to generate electricity. As my idea is to generate electricity from waste (It can be a wastage of our daily uses household items). By using the microturbine concept, we can burn the waste to generate electricity & pollution can be minimized. I have a whole project on this idea to generate electricity including solar & wind as well. It’s a compact design for rural areas. 

Apart from them, here are some more honorary mentions

Imposing ban/Stopping usage of disposable food plates/glasses/containers and plastic items. Encourage the use of environment-friendly alternatives these such as using kulhad’s(clay cup) and even bullpen’s made of paper such as the brand “Rolapen” instead of the pen’s wholly made of plastic. The Rolapen manufacturers have placed a plant seed inside the Pen body as well so as when the used pen been thrown anywhere, a tree can grow. Instead of draining wastewater of water purifiers into the drainage, the wastewater can be stored and used in the cleaning utensils/washing clothes and watering of plants. This way a lot of water can be saved. Home interiors can be altered in a way to divert and use wastewater from washbasins for flushing in Toilets.

– Prashant Pawar, Manager, CRM, Jajpur

At the time of New joining of any employee, we should have a procedure to plant a small tree with the name of that employee and we should put pictures on the yearly anniversary of the employee along with the growth of that tree.

– Sandeep Bansal, Manager, JSCMS, Gurgaon

At the time of retirement every retired person should plant a tree with his hand. Made this culture at the time of retirement. Enhance and explore bicycle culture during office timings.

– Pradeep Pande, AM, SPD, Hisar