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The Turning Point

June 28, 2022    



Replacing imports with India’s first in-house stainless steel Power Curve

India is on an infrastructural transformation journey. With a renewed focus on improving multi-nodal connectivity throughout the country, from airports to national highways, the Government of India has strategically charted out PM Gati Shakti Master Plan to develop a national modern infrastructure. Aligned to this move, JSL Lifestyle Limited (JSLL) has become the first company in India to manufacture in-house stainless steel power curve conveyors for airports, replacing imports and thus encouraging indigenous production. 

What is a Power Curve Conveyor?

Power Curve Conveyor is a conveyance system that is designed to provide movement to products in tight spaces, like baggage handling at airports, which may otherwise be damaged. They are required to be flexible enough to provide a wide range of turn geometries in a small footprint while maintaining product orientation. They are used in a number of industries, including warehouses and distribution centres, manufacturing and packaging facilities, airports, and food industries. 

The challenge at hand

Power curve conveyors are niche products specifically designed for easy and safe mobility of goods. Surprisingly, Indian manufacturers did not have the technical expertise to manufacture these curves. This led to a hefty reliance on imports. Major players like Beumer India Pvt Limited and Pteris Global India were earlier procuring power curves from abroad in aluminium and mild steel. However, stainless steel proved to be a better raw material for developing them given its longer life, improved hardness and resistance to corrosion, and low maintenance and finish requirements. Additionally, stainless steel is a sustainable choice and adds to the aesthetic appeal of the products.

The success story

JSL Lifestyle Ltd. took upon this challenge and became the first Indian stainless steel Company to successfully provide indigenously manufactured stainless steel power curves to Beumer India Pvt Limited and Pteris Global India. For this project, the Company relied upon its world class machinery and in-house R&D and developed the power curves exclusively in SS 304 grade with No. 4 brush finish. 

It was challenging to match the inner and outer profiles of the cladding. However, the Company’s experienced workforce revised the inner structure of the curves and achieved a perfect match in the profile and dimensions. The Company also suggested its clients to take up TIG and stitch welding for developing the power curves instead of running welding, as the latter creates twisting on the product. As a result, the final product looks aesthetically pleasing. 

The Company also faced other challenges related to joint hair line, welding, and polishing of the stainless steel power curves. To counter these, the workforce changed frame drawing 2-3 times and used various arrangements. As a first attempt, the Company conducted several in-house trials before achieving the final product.This is an important step towards strengthening Indian manufacturing under the Atmanirbhar Bharat mission. Now that JSL Lifestyle Ltd. has achieved a niche product specialization, the objective is to scale it up further. With this as the idea, the Company hopes to cater to as many companies, both in India and abroad, to strengthen India’s global position.