Revolutionizing Vehicle Production with Stainless Steel
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Revolutionising the vehicle production process with stainless steel

April 29, 2022    


Revolutionising the vehicle production process with stainless steel - Jindal Stainless

Swedish start-up Stilride has introduced a new process ‘Lightfold’ that allows origami using duplex stainless steel with the use of lasers. The process allows fabricators to produce low cost and light-weight vehicles. Earlier, folding a duplex stainless steel sheet involved the usage of various industrial tools that made its use costly, but with the use of lasers, the entire process has been revolutionized and further simplified with the use of robots. The stainless steel sheet is made by cold rolling, a process similar to rolling out a thin sheet of pastry but on an industrial scale. The cold-rolling work hardens the material, and that is what makes it difficult to bend. Using lasers to heat the steel along the intended fold line with the extreme precision a laser can give makes it possible to fold the steel more easily into three-dimensional shapes.

(Source: Auto Car India)