November 2021 Quiz and Contest - Jindal Stainless
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Quiz & Contest

Quiz & Contest- November 2021

November 27, 2021    



Installed in 1989, after the Berlin Wall fell, this historic sculpture uses 50 linear stainless steel rods, held together by thousands of bolts, to create a twisting spiral. Since its installation, this sculpture has stood up beautifully to several hurricanes as well as to countless tropical storms. Can you guess its name and location?

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Answer to last month’s quiz

The Ben Carlson statue located in Newport Beach, California, USA is a 9 metre stainless steel sculpture, installed in the memory of the lifeguard Ben Carlson who died during a rescue mission. Find out why stainless steel is preferred for designing sculptures.

We are pleased to announce the winners-

Mr Shrikant Patidar (Quality department, JSHL)

Mr Dinesh Jain (Kothari Metals Limited, Gurgaon)