Can You Guess Its Name and Location of Mathematical Form?
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Quiz & Contest

Quiz & Contest- February 2022

February 27, 2022    



This stainless steel sculpture represents a spatial translation of the double cross
(mathematical form). Can you guess its name and location?

Quiz & Contest- February 2022 - Jindal Stainless

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Answer to last month’s quiz

Ouverture au Monde is a stainless steel sculpture in Lausanne, Switzerland by the
internationally-recognised artist Ángel Duarte. It was a gift from Rotary International to the
Town of Lausanne on the occasion of its worldwide meeting. The piece was originally placed
in the Comptoir Suisse Gardens in Beaulieu, before being transferred to the Osche pier in
Ouchy. It consists of 6 semi-hyperboloids, constructed with the help of 36 diamond-shaped
stainless steel panels.

We are pleased to announce the winners

Mr Prabash Chandra Pattanayak (Kalinga Alloys Pvt Ltd., Bhubaneswar)
Mr Srikanta Sahoo (Jindal Stainless Limited, Jajpur