Our beloved Bauji - Founder of Jindal Stainless
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Our Beloved Bauji

August 5, 2018    



Bauji’s Legacy Lives On In Our Lives

Purnendhu Pradhan, MRSS, JSL

“Bauji dared to dream, and that is one of the qualities that always set him apart. In 2004, he gave JSL the vision to become a global SS manufacturing company and he exuded so much confidence, that nobody had an inch of doubt about this. I feel so fortunate to have seen the Jajpur plant materialize under this banner of overarching ambition.”

Gunjan Gourav, SMS, JSHL

“The journey of Shri O.P.Jindal Ji from being a farmer’s son to one of the profound industrialists of this nation is a true source of inspiration. His selfless contribution to this nation in terms of uplifting the lives of the people of this country, revolutionizing steel industry and even politics is incomparable. He was an epitome of greatness in all aspects.”

Yogendra Swami, BAC, JSHL

“Although I’ve never interacted with him, I know that he was someone who could tell if the machines were sick. I’ve learned from him that focusing on the basics is key. If we know more about processes in-depth, it becomes more efficient for us.”

PC Kishore, Ferro Alloys, JSL

“To convert scrap into pipes, at that point of time, is commendable. His attentiveness towards machines often saved time and even the life of the machine, which only lead to better productivity.”

Jitendra Jain, CRD3, JSHL

What do I say about him- anything I say will be less. The image that comes to my mind when I hear Bauji’s name is that he was a hard working man. As employees of the big empire, what we can take away from Bauji is to complete our small tasks in a timely manner. Small efforts pave paths to big results.”

Lokesh Meena, Logistics, JSHL

“His philosophy of life was “Where others see walls, I see doors”. I am greatly inspired by his words because he was born in a farmer’s house, but his passion for technology made him the steel tycoon of India despite having no formal engineering education. He was actively involved in not only financial but also technical decisions, so much, that he even used to visit the shop floor to solve the problems.”

Subhendu Naskar, SMS, JSL

“My work at JSL involves new process developments and I turn to Bauji’s methods of working in my daily routine. His focus on new developments was based on three-pronged approach- lower costs, higher impact on society and finding solutions for everything ‘in-house.”

NVV Prasad, HSM, JSL

“Who does not know Bauji; he is a famous personality. The most respectable thing about him is that he built an empire with his bare hands. He used to indulge in every aspect of the business on his own. Every employee is enamored by his persona. There are two qualities of Bauji that keep me running in my work – Sincerity and Dedication.”

Parveen Kumari, Finance, JSHL

“He has influenced the lives of all the people associated with Jindal Group. It is because of him that I was compelled to join this organization as my first job after completing post graduation. No doubt, he has left behind a tremendous estate of entrepreneurship and leadership.”