New Year – Now You
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New Year – Now You

January 14, 2023    



The Sun still rises from the east and sets in the west, we still are in the same place, same room, the same furniture, and the same people all around us. Yet, a single digit changes on the calendar and we find ourselves bubbling with renewed hope, dreams, and promises for a fresh beginning. That is the magic of a New Year. Almost feels like a warm hug, doesn’t it? A week, or days before it happens, we start making promises ourselves. Don’t you? We could almost hear you mumbling to yourself – Dear New Year, I am ready for you, I’m ready for a fresh start. This year, I am going to make my dreams happen! We all do it every year. Make a bunch of resolutions and promise ourselves this year will be different. Some of them last a week, some never see the light of day, and some actually become our mantra… We thought of asking our colleagues and friends about their New Year Resolutions this time. Some of them bared their hearts and poured their most honest wishes for the New Year and some chose to remain conservative, and gave us short and sweet answers. Here are 23 resolutions we found most interesting and fun. We sincerely hope this year will be the best year for all of you. Happy Reading!

I promise I will do stupid things that make me happy. Painting on walls, dreaming 24×7 and 365 days, where I will be the undisputed queen and can be anything, go anywhere. I love to sing, but I always feel shy. 2023 will be different. I won’t shy away anymore and going to sing in Public. I am going to buy a car with my own money. I want to set my alarm for 7:00 am and wake up at 6:50 and turn off the alarm. I am going to make friends with quality as compared to quantity.

Kashish Arora
MIS, Gurgaon

A postcard, an inland letter, an envelope, and the sweet smell of paper and ink! Nobody sends or receives one anymore. I will send handwritten letters this year. It’s such a thoughtful, genuine gesture. I am sure it will make somebody’s day!

Raship Gandhi
Procurement, Gurgaon

Dear New Year, I am ready for you, ready to embark on a new journey. This year is truly going to be a new chapter for me as I am getting married in the New Year on the 2nd of January. 🙂

Md Shahid Salim
Mobility, Gurgaon

I will love myself as much as singer and rapper Lizzo loves herself. Lizzo burst onto the international stage in 2022 with her witty songs, sense of humor, and body positivity endearing her to the world. She would be the first person to tell you that you’re an amazing person who deserves to be loved for who you are. I was awestruck by her and will prove her right by loving myself unconditionally.

Preeti Paul
SMS, Jajpur

Here comes the New Year, and it’s time to make resolutions! Regularly, I’ll exercise My mother, I’ll idolize! I promise to be sincere with my motives clear! To all my lies I’ll confess and I know I’ll surely progress! To follow them, I’ll try my best Until then I won’t rest.

Anshu Priya Prasad
HSM Operations, Jajpur

Cooking is one of the essential life skills that every man and woman should learn. People say the shortest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Why just men? I think everyone’s passage to their heart runs through their stomach. Who doesn’t like food made with love? This year I promise to cook every Sunday and enjoy some delicious meals with my loved ones.

Prashanta Kumar Jena
Finance, Jajpur

Consumerism has consumed us all. My resolution this New Year is to buy as little as possible. I plan to have low-buy to no-buy weeks until it is absolutely necessary to buy things.

Comdt Rakesh Rai (Retd)
Security & Vigilance, Jajpur

I will overcome the habit of self-sacrifice to suit others’ convenience.

Sonal Singh
Corporate Communications, Gurgaon

I will read 24 Books in the year 2023.

Surendra Bisht
SAP & IT, Hisar

I will only take 1 piece of Gulab Jamun and not disappoint Mathur ji (our cafeteria manager) by taking more.

Sahiba Gursahaney
Corporate Communications, Gurgaon

It’s time I learn a decent party trick. And I must add another resolution I am pretty serious about. This year I am going to force Twitter to add the ‘edit’ button.

Kumarkrushna Das
Central QA, Jajpur

It’s time for me to try something new in 2023 that scares me. In my mind, I probably assumed I would be terrible at it. However, new experiences might surprise us. So, I am planning to try one of these things every month and open myself up to brand-new experiences and opportunities.

Utkarsh Sinha
Warehouse, Gurgaon

I vow to remove all negative thoughts and their source from my life this year. I may have to boycott some people and some electronic media to achieve this and I am ready to do that.

Rohit Nandi
Ferro Alloys, Pathredi

Google has become the go-to solution-finder for everyone. However, I promise not to use Google Doctor and take medical advice from actual medical professionals this year.

Sonam Salgotra
Unit Head Cell, Jajpur

This year, I promise to meet 5 new people every day.

Sukanta Kumar Rath
CSR, Jajpur

It is my promise to myself that I will try to live and enjoy my life as much as possible before another COVID wave strikes.

Sucheta Mohanty
Finance & Accounts, Jajpur

We had fun reading your resolutions and got ideasas well as inspiration from them. May this year trulybecome a new beginning for all of us!