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New Product Alert: Hot Roll Bonded Clad plates

September 12, 2022    


Hot Roll Bonded Clad Plates - Jindal Stainless
Hot Roll Bonded Clad Plates
Hot Roll Bonded Clad plates - Jindal Stainless

In order to substitute imported clad plates, show our support for Vocal for Local, and design an environmental friendly process, the R&D division of Jindal Stainless has developed indigenous technology for the hot roll bonding process for manufacturing clad steel plates. 

The stainless steel clad plates have been successfully manufactured and supplied to esteemed customers as per ASTM A264 with class 1 ultrasonic bond strength quality.

What is a clad plate?

A clad plate is a composite material that is produced by a hot roll-bonding process in which two different metals are bonded across their interface. Due to metallurgical bonding, clad plates behave like mechanically single homogeneous alloys. 

Customer Success Story:

Project:  Supplied clad plates to be used in separator tanks for an IOCL project. 

– Customer : A leading equipment manufacturer of filters, strainers, separators, scrubbers etc in leading segments of oil and gas, refining, petrochemical, chemical, power, steel, fertilizer, metallurgical and similar industries. 

 – Product – Hot Rolled Bonded Clad Plates.  (First time in India, indigenously developed). 

–  Grade Supplied – SS 321 (corrosion resistant alloy) + SA 516 Gr 70, various thicknesses 

– What’s special about this success story?  

 – Material was supplied post stringent third party inspection by Bureau Veritas

– What does it mean for all Jindal Stainless customers?

With availability of indigenously produced hot roll bonded clad plates it would be advantageous to other equipment manufacturers also in terms of reducing the dependency on imports. This will result in faster project execution with improved cost economics & following direct advantages: 

  • Quality assurance & consistency 
  • Improved bond strength & properties 
  • Superior properties than explosion bonded plates 

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