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National Engineer’s Day

September 14, 2022    



Engineers play a pivotal role in making our planet better and technologically advanced. The words technology, innovation, and advancement are just words without engineers behind them, working tirelessly to make them possible. Our country celebrates National Engineer’s Day every year on September 15. We asked our engineers about their vision and what it means to be an engineer. Let’s get into what they have to say. But first, a brief background on the day. Every year on September 15, India along with Sri Lanka and Tanzania Celebrate National Engineer’s Day to recognise and honour the achievements of the famous engineer Bharat Ratna Shri Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya. The day is observed to commemorate the remarkable work of engineers and to encourage them to improve and innovate.

Popularly known as Sir M Visvesvaraya undertook many complex projects and delivered remarkable infrastructural results during his career. He was a true visionary.

Infrastructure is the backbone of any nation and engineers are the ones building it. Hence, they can be called nation-builders. If every engineer works with a clear vision, the country can grow by leaps and bounds. Let’s delve into what the engineers of our stainless family have to say.

Harman Sohal, SPD PPC, Hisar

I believe engineers are creators, which is why I chose to become one of them. An engineer plays a vital role in nation-building and is instrumental in bringing a prosperous future and technological advancements to the entire world. I feel proud to be a part of Jindal Stainless, a company committed to creating a better world by providing sustainable metal for all future infrastructure projects. – Harman Sohal, SPD PPC, Hisar

Sumit Kumar, PPC, Hisar

I was a curious kid, always keen to learn and explore. I loved mathematics and calculation. I am a car enthusiast as well. I think all of these factors led me to choose engineering as a profession. Different disciplines of engineering contribute to our society’s progress in their own ways. Development means a better quality of life. Engineers ensure this by building bridges, buildings, roads, railways, dams, etc. I think the future of stainless steel is bright. It’s increasingly used across industries. It is already making its presence felt in architecture, building, and construction activities. For example, 13% of the total stainless steel production is used in automobiles, railways, and transport. I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this industry. -Sumit Kumar, PPC, Hisar

Debgopal Dhara, CRM E&A, Jajpur

I chose to be an engineer because I am a problem solver. I wanted to design things that matter and have the potential to make the world a better place. I firmly believe engineers are the backbone of nation-building. Engineering is a field that aims to innovate, design, and maintain products and machinery meant to benefit humankind. Stainless steel has revolutionised the modern world and has found applications in almost every manufacturing sector, from healthcare and catering equipment to the automotive and construction industries. Furthermore, it has outperformed more traditional competing materials such as copper, aluminum, and carbon steel. I am super proud to be a part of this industry. -Debgopal Dhara, CRM E&A, Jajpur

Ayush Rastogi, Exports Commercial – Documentation, Gurgaon

I love machines. That is the one simple reason why I chose to be an engineer. Engineers majorly contribute toward nation-building. They are pivotal for a nation to flourish and prosper and to become a tier 1 country in the world. I dream of a future where stainless steel will be used in lightweight compact structures supporting flying cars and underwater restaurants made completely with stainless steel. In the world of engineering anything is possible, isn’t it? After all, it’s dreams that drive us to make wonders come true. -Ayush Rastogi, Exports Commercial – Documentation, Gurgaon

Surendra Bisht, SAP-IT, Hisar

I was born to be an engineer. Solving math problems always gave me goosebumps, not the climax of a Shakespearean play. Every piece of gadget, product, or infrastructure we use or come across in our waking life is designed and built by an engineer. It can be a toaster, a coffee machine, the car you drive to work, the roads, bridges, buses, trains, and the list is endless. An engineer not only builds and maintains the infrastructure, but he contributes to every field by innovation and implementation – from a pin to a satellite, from a toy gun to a ballistic missile, from a calculator to a supercomputer, from a calculator to a complex machine learning algorithm. -Surendra Bisht, SAP-IT, Hisar

Samir Kumar Sahu, HSM, Jajpur

Like the little squirrel who rolled in sand and dusted off the sands to mark its contribution towards building the Ram Setu, I too believe, as an engineer, I can contribute to building our nation and taking it to a new high. Engineers play a vital role in keeping our country at par with other advancing countries by bringing technological advancement and innovation. I dream about India building a majestic tower built with stainless steel that would take everyone’s breath away just the way the Eiffel Tower in Paris does to people. -Samir Kumar Sahu, HSM, Jajpur

Prabir Kumar Das, COBP, Jajpur

I wanted to become an icon in the field of making machines, which is why I chose to become an engineer. Give any task to an engineer and they will find a more effective and quick way to perform that task. Thus, saving time and needless to say, time is money. I dream of a future when the entire food and medical industries will adopt stainless steel as it is non-toxic and anti-bacterial. This dream is already taking shape into reality. -Prabir Kumar Das, COBP, Jajpur

Abhay Kumar, CRD-PPC, Hisar

I have faced a lot of challenges in my life since childhood. Small difficulties often find a way to become big hassles. I was always ready to come up with some jugaad to solve these problems. I was determined to bring positive change to people’s lives through the use of technology. Hence, I became an engineer. My love affair with Physics became an enabler as well. People are our country’s biggest asset. If we develop a scientific temperament, then nothing can stop our nation from becoming one of the leading countries in the world. I dream of a future where stainless steel will no longer be a choice but will be the default material in infrastructure. The world is changing, ecologically and climatically. If we want to become a sustainable nation, stainless steel will have to be a go-to choice of building material. -Abhay Kumar, CRD-PPC, Hisar

We leave you with these amazing visions of the engineers of our stainless family. Truly, the sky is the limit when we have the modern-day Vishwakarmas with us. Here’s wishing for a magnificent future that will shine like stainless steel. Happy Engineer’s Day! 

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