Ms Deepika Jindal
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Stainless Spirit

Ms Deepika Jindal

October 14, 2022    



Art and culture go hand in hand and what is a better platform for making artistic expressions than festivals? In this special edition of Abhivyakti, we bring to you the lady who sees art in stainless steel.

Arttd’inox, a lifestyle brand of Jindal Stainless, is the brainchild of Ms Deepika Jindal. It is here that she expresses the inner artist in her by shaping this metal into a work of art. Amidst the responsibilities of being a wife and a mother, Ms Jindal never lost touch with what she loved – aesthetics, design, and decoration. On special occasions and family gatherings, she’d take charge of the home decor and makeover. From meticulously hand-picking everything at home, she soon started her entrepreneurial journey, and naturally gravitated toward the realm of design with the launch of Arttd’inox.

The brand close to her heart, Arttd’inox has launched a special social media campaign #CelebrateWithArttdinox this festive season. More on the campaign later in the feature. Let’s first dive into the beautiful mind of our Creative Director and MD, JSL Lifestyle, Ms Deepika Jindal.

What makes Arttd’inox unique?

It is unique because there is no other stainless steel brand that deals in an exclusive collection of Serveware, Tableware, Home-Decor, and Bespoke Kitchens in the country. The products are not only pleasing to the eye but also one of a kind. I also want to emphasise the core benefits of the product as the material is easy to maintain and hygienic, too.

Do you think Stainless steel houseware, which was once considered plain and common, has the potential to make it big in luxury?

Anything that’s well-made and aesthetically designed can become a top lifestyle choice; provided it is accompanied by good quality and finish. Stainless steel is the metal of the future and is a better alternative to other materials because of its sustainability quotient. We have given our heart and soul to crafting the metal with sincere efforts and finesse at Arttd’inox. It has everything from sophisticated tableware to charming serveware, and one-of-a-kind home décor pieces. I would say it has all the components to make it a success in the luxury line.

India is the land of festivals; however, do you think that the nature of festive celebrations is changing in the country over time?

There appears to be a mix of two types of people. Some prefer to adhere to the traditions and others enjoy the festival in abstract ways. Change is undeniably present, as earlier celebrations during the festival were more concerned with customs and traditions, whereas now people are more open to the idea of doing it their way. However, the underlying thought of dressing well and eating well, especially traditional wear and love for traditional food, is still prevalent. I can sense a sway toward making conscious choices when it comes to the ways people celebrate.

How do you see Arttd’inox and Stainless steel integrate with the current festive mood of the nation?

Nothing is better than eating Indian food in stainless steel Thalis. It has an Indian feel and looks which makes it an ideal fit for these festivals where the focus is mainly on food. Indian food always looks more appealing when served in stainless steel than in ceramics. Arttd’inox has it all, ranging from Dinnerware, Tableware, Serveware, and Decor pieces such as Flower Vases, Candle Stands that can help amplify the table decorations for the festivities. Now that people are choosing more sustainable ways, one that aims to co-exist with nature in harmony, it is the best time to promote stainless steel products to be a part of all the festivities. If you ask me, I always eat in stainless steel Thalis and serve in stainless steel. I also plan to decorate my home with candles in stainless steel candle stands. I try to blend the metal in almost everything I do. I believe that stainless steel is so distinct that it can transition from mundane and give it a very fashionable appearance. It is the best gift to give to family and friends – one that will last a lifetime!

What is your vision for Arttd’inox?

I see it as one of the most talked about lifestyle and home décor brands in the future. I think people should understand the virtue of using stainless steel over ceramics or plastics. Stainless steel products by Arttd’inox have all the components to compete with any other lifestyle product; be its ease of usage, style, or longevity. Lastly, I would urge everyone to celebrate this festive season with the beautiful metal that is stainless steel. Check out some beautiful creations of Arttd’inox. Have a very happy and safe Diwali!


#CelebrateWithArttd’inox brings enduring affection and gratitude towards loved ones through the artistry of gifting for any occasion. From surprising your nearest and dearest to beautiful last-minute buys, we believe in strengthening ties and celebrating togetherness with thoughtful gifts that last a lifetime.

In this special social media campaign, Arttd’inox has with them five well-known and popular social media influencers including our very own Ms Deepika Jindal.

Please check out the Instagram page of Arttd’inox to see more of the campaign.

Celebrate With
Deepika Jindal!

You could never imagine the humble Chai and Dhokla looking so enticing. All thanks to the elegant newly launched – Hi-tea Set from Arttd’inox that Ms Jindal has chosen to adorn her tea table. Festivals are all about food for her, especially our lip-smacking Indian street foods. Watch the fusion of Indian street food and elegance on Ms Jindal’s tea table and get inspired.

Celebrate With
Gopalika Virmani!

Enjoy the festive dinner set up using stainless steel dinnerware and candle stands by Arttd’inox with Gopalika Virmani, leading Fashion Stylist and CoFounder of MMC World.

Celebrate With
Urvashi Kaur!

Renowned fashion designer, Urvashi Kaur likes to celebrate her festive brunch set up with contemporary designs made of stainless steel.

Celebrate With
Nikhil Rishi Mehra!

This is how top fashion designer, Nikhil Rishi Mehra likes to host his friends for a wine and dine with products from Arttd’inox.

Celebrate With
Pranoy Sarkar!

Popular photographer and Creative Director, Pranoy Sarkar believes in going the traditional way. Watch him celebrate this festive season with some delicious Indian food served in traditional Indian Thalis from Arttd’inox.