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Our Partner, Our Pride

Mr Vivek D’souza

April 29, 2022    


Mr Vivek D’souza - Jindal Stainless
Director, Vitech Heavy Equipments Pvt. Ltd., Mr Vivek D’souza.

“The process equipment industry has evolved in a big way in the last decade, with India becoming a preferred destination for global markets. The Indian stainless steel manufacturers will have a huge role to play in this booming market” says Director, Vitech Heavy Equipments Pvt. Ltd., Mr Vivek D’souza. Learn how stainless steel is providing the push required for the innovations in process equipment industry in this edition.

Tell us about yourself.

I was born into a middle-class family in Mumbai where education and moral values were always emphasised on. During my schooling, I was equally inclined towards studies, sports, and other co-curricular activities. This helped me understand the importance of team spirit at a very young age. 

Later, I pursued Bachelors in Engineering from MIT Pune and then proceeded to complete my post-graduation in Finance from NMIMS, Mumbai. I also earned a Diploma in Piping from IIT, Mumbai.

In my current professional capacity, I oversee the overall operations of Vitech Group of Companies. My domain comprises innovating, manufacturing, and supplying critical process equipment for oil/gas, desalination, zero liquid discharge, and the food industry. I also have garnered an extensive experience in setting up green-field manufacturing plants with end-to-end solutions for process equipment, both in India and the Middle East.

I aspire for innovation and automation in my field and strive to achieve a balance between my professional and personal life. My hobbies are travelling, fitness training, and adventure sports such as scuba- and sky-diving.

Why is stainless steel a preferred metal for developing process equipment for your projects?

We manufacture critical and huge process industry equipment. Stainless steel offers a wide spectrum of grades which are suitable for various applications. The equipment are specially crafted for our European clients in industries like edible oil, water, zero liquid waste, etc. and weigh approximately around 100 tonnes each. Moreover, stainless steel is often chosen by our design engineers due to its corrosion resistance, good mechanical strength, and non-contamination and aesthetic properties. In the coming years, its usage will only increase because of its excellent mechanical and chemical properties that are best suited for various applications in the process industry.

What led to replacing imports with domestic produce? What are the advantages of using Jindal Stainless’ produce?

Jindal Stainless’ quality is at par with global producers such as Aperam, DKC, Acerinox, Outokumpu, etc. However, the Company’s strength lies in quick deliveries and outstanding personal customer relationships. We strongly believe that a good business is all about building long-term relationships by means of regular interaction with the clients. This is one area where Jindal Stainless has an edge over its competitors. With the Indian Government’s initiative of Atmanirbar Bharat, we believe that Jindal Stainless will play a big role in developing an sustaining self-sufficiency in stainless steel manufacturing in India.

In your opinion, how will the process equipment industry shape up in the future?

We have seen that the process equipment industry has evolved in a big way in the last decade with India becoming a preferred destination for global markets. With a huge pool of engineers and skilled manpower, India’s man-hour rate is among the most competitive in the world for this industry. We believe that there would be a huge boom in the coming decade for Indian manufacturers associated with this industry and Jindal Stainless will have a huge role to play in this booming market.

Process and mechanical design engineers are now preferring stainless steel over other metals due to its good mechanical and chemical properties. Also, these days, customers are more conscious about quality, safety, and final product aesthetics. Thus, stainless steel becomes a clear choice. 

Also, with the ever-increasing demand for adhering to food, water, and sustainable environmental norms, demand for stainless steel applications in this industry will continue to increase exponentially in the coming years.

Future Prospects for Duplex/Super Duplex grades, considering the ongoing turmoil in Ni prices.

The present geopolitical global situation due to the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war, has rendered Nickel prices high and unpredictable. This will force more companies to look for alternative materials with less Nickel content, such as Lean Duplex and Super Duplex, depending on the end application. Also, with reference to the properties of Duplex and Super Duplex material, it is the preferred choice for application in processes requiring high temperatures and corrosive environments such as desalination, liquid to solid waste plants, paper industry etc. Hence, the usage of this metal will continue to increase even with the volatility of Nickel prices.

High pressure steam coils

A message for the young readers of our newsletter.

My message is that you must always follow your goals with sincerity and hard work. Focus on knowledge and not on monetary gains at the start of your career. Monetary rise will happen with good knowledge, experience, and patience.

You must remember that failure is temporary as well a stepping stone to success, so treat it with positivity and never lose sight of your goals. 

For budding millennial entrepreneurs, I’d like to remind you that any dip in the market due to any situation should not be an excuse for us to not grow. As long as we always strive for quality and delivery, we will continue to thrive.