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Our Partner, Our Pride

Mr Jag Niwas Gupta

February 16, 2019    



This edition of Stainless Post brings to you the story of Gupta brothers. Deriving their relentless passion for stainless steel from their humble beginning as an importer for cycle parts and roller chains, these four MoU Channel Partners of Jindal Stainless have helped deepen the stainless steel imprints across eastern, north-eastern, and western India. Presenting a family that eats together, lives together, and trades stainless steel together!

When and how did your journey with stainless steel start? Tell us about your family and your company’s inception.

Mr Jag Niwas Gupta, 
Steel Emporium Limited

Mr Jag Niwas Gupta: We hail from Panchgaon in Haryana and our business journey started in Kolkata. My father, Late Shri Mukand Lal Gupta, moved to Kolkata before independence, where he worked as an import and export clearing and forwarding agent. In early 1960s, my two brothers, Late Ram Niwas Gupta and Shree Niwas Gupta started importing cycle parts and roller chains. This was when we came across stainless steel for the first time in 1964, and started importing stainless steel flat and long products. The metal brought an immediate upliftment in the market sentiment and earned good profit. Realizing the potential of stainless steel, we established our firm ‘Steel Emporium’ in 1973. We continued this stainless steel journey, starting from dealing with PSUs to finally associating with Jindal Stainless.

What are some noteworthy milestones that you accomplished during this journey? 

Mr Lalit Kumar Gupta: The biggest achievement for me is when traders in the market acknowledge me with the title, ‘Jindal King’ and ‘Saudagar’. I fondly remember one of the former directors of Jindal Stainless addressing me as ‘Tycoon’. This is because of a long, efficient, and trustworthy relationship with Jindal Stainless. In 2001, we diversified the family business to five different entities. This gave us the opportunity to expand our reach in the Indian market. Along with the eastern and north-eastern demand, we started catering to the western market as I moved to Mumbai in 1988. In 1994 , Chairman, Mr Rattan Jindal honoured us with the dealership of Jindal Stainless for the Mumbai region. At that t ime, Jindal Stainless’ annual production used to be around 1800 tonnes, and I had placed orders for around 1200 tonnes of stainless steel with the company. We successfully sold 2400 tonnes of stainless steel in the month of January’19, breaking our own record target of 2000 tonnes in February’18. Although, we are one family business, we are still four independent and MOU Channel partners of Jindal Stainless. I believe that this is an achievement in itself.

How do you see your profession panning out in the future? 

Mr Mahesh Gupta, Stainless Emporium Pvt. Ltd.

Mr Mahesh Gupta: Since the origin of our first-ever showroom, Steel Emporium, our focus has been on a direct interaction and relationship with the ultimate users of the materials. As we are into direct supplies to the end consumers , the quality of materials is very important. We have seen the transformation of supplies, from alloy-steel rolled flats and plates to fine quality stainless steel finished materials catering to the international standards. The credit undoubtedly goes to Jindal Stainless for continuous lyimproving the standard of stainless steel in the country and for maintaining an efficient delivery system. Going forward, I strongly believe that stainless steel has the potential to change the dynamics of Indian infrastructure. It is already doing so by manning the front ground in several key projects like railways and bridges. We hope to establish a similar strong front for the end-consumers as well as domestic traders and manufacturers.

When and how did your journey with Jindal Stainless begin? 

Mr Vijay Kumar Gupta, Steel World Pvt. Ltd.

Mr Vijay Kumar Gupta: Our association with Jindal Stainless dates back to 1988. This was the time when Jindal Stainless had started making a substantial impact in the Indian metal industry with its stainless steel produce. I fondly remember this relatively simple time when I used to manage our showroom’s front desk, with Mr Shree Niwas Gupta handling company’s finance and Mr Jag Niwas Gupta managing purchase and marketing. My father, Late Shri Ram Niwas Gupta was heading the Mumbai region as the Chairman. During this time, a regular supply of premium quality from Jindal Stainless catalyzed our reach in the western market. We have completed 30 successful years of a committed and trustworthy relationship with Jindal Stainless, and look forward to many more.

In your entire gamut of suppliers, what sets Jindal Stainless apart? 

Mr Jag Niwas Gupta: Jindal Stainless has maintained a cons i s tent and suppor t i ve business bond. The company is a regular supplier for us. It provides a wide range of products unlike any other producer. Further, the company’s delivery system is to vouch for. This is why we have been giving massive orders to the company. I remember how I used to humorously ask Mr Rattan Jindal for orders in our native haryanvi language, “रतन जी! तुम तो जानो, काम देदो नहीं छोरा बिगड़ जा गा!” We have had very healthy business dynamics between our companies. 

Mr Mahesh Gupta: Stainless steel, unlike mild steel, comprises of multiple grades in multiple forms. This is why maintaining logistics for stainless steel is very difficult. This is where Jindal Stainless has majorly focused lately under the leadership of Mr Abhyuday Jindal. Also, with an increase in input costs, most consumers have reduced their tendency to stock raw materials. Jindal Stainless, with more ready stock materials through its yards, has taken up the challenge of feeding the market’s requirements. This has resulted in the added benefit of timely delivery.

What is your message to all the young managers out there? 

Mr Lalit Kumar Gupta, Steel Space Pvt. Ltd.

Mr Lalit Kumar Gupta: “Trust your customers to the hilt .” Any business organisation exists because of its customers. Winning your customers’ loyalty is the basic mantra for an organisation’s success. There is a common myth of male dominance in a corporate set-up. I am proud to share that my wife is the sole account manager of my company since the day of its inception. I firmly believe that all youngsters are a mine of talent and zeal to bring in a rush of new ideas. 

Mr Vijay Kumar Gupta: I advise all my young friends to always keep themselves busy. Nothing beats the intellect of a raw and fresh thinker. Moreover, I wish to ask all of them to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a regular habit. Be happy, be proud of yourself, and never stop learning. As a stainless steel enthusiast, I would want them to know why we are advocating for stainless steel as the next-gen metal, and help the Indian industry ramp up its per capita consumption.

Mr Vijay Kumar Gupta interacting with his staff