Gaurav Gupta: Journey from GET to GM at Jindal Stainless
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Stainless Spirit

Mr Gaurav Gupta – The Journey from GET to GM

October 17, 2023    


Mr Gaurav Gupta
General Manager, CRD Operations, Hisar
Mr Gaurav Gupta
General Manager, CRD Operations, Hisar

With passion in his heart, an insatiable appetite for learning in his mind and a pursuit of excellence in his actions, Mr Gaurav Gupta has carved a remarkable path for himself, punctuated by the conquest of numerous milestones, with many more yet to come. 

Niharika Parashar from the Abhivyakti team spoke with Mr Gupta, who is currently discharging his responsibilities as GM, CRD Operations, in Hisar. Embarking on his professional journey 24 years ago as a Graduate Engineer Trainee (GET), Mr Gupta swiftly rose through the ranks and has assumed a pivotal role in the commissioning and stabilisation of all AP and HBA lines.

Q. Tell us a little about your life before Jindal Stainless.

A. I was born in Karnal, Haryana. After completing my school, I took up a Bachelors in Technology course in mechanical engineering. It is interesting to note that, within my family, the corridors of medicine and engineering were well-trodden by everyone, except for my father. He encouraged me to pursue the path of engineering and follow in the rest of the family’s footsteps.

When I was in college, there was no such thing as a ‘campus placement’. So I, along with my friends, started preparing for the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) and applied for suitable jobs in different companies simultaneously. Luckily, I got an opportunity here and joined Jindal Stainless all the way back in 1999. I specifically joined on November 1 because I wanted to complete the entire month’s cycle and receive my salary on the first of next month. Soon after my joining, I realised that Diwali is just 10 days away, and all our family members residing in various corners of the world would gather in my home town to celebrate this auspicious festival. Just like any young graduate, my only reliable source of information were the other young graduates who were as new to the company as I was. They told me that getting a leave immediately would be impossible. I got extremely troubled, but all my worries soon disappeared, as my leave got approved. It made me realise that this company doesn’t treat you like an employee but as family, and they will always be there to support you.

Q. How has your journey with Jindal Stainless been so far?

A. The journey has been an exceptional one where I got the opportunity to practice, perform and learn. Upon joining, I was allocated CRD-1, which was witnessing manpower shortage at the AP2 line then. So, I was required to come in shifts. The night shift became my school here, as it offered me sundry opportunities to learn and also inculcate the skill of decision-making. It is the result of these opportunities that I can proudly say that I have worked on all AP and HBA lines right from commissioning to stabilisation and have worked on a few lines at our Jajpur facility as well. It gives me immense satisfaction that we have always been successful in achieving the stabilisation of any line within the given time period. As digitalisation is the need of the hour, under my leadership, a pilot project has been initiated that strengthens the company’s digitalisation pillar, and we have also successfully installed 369 sensors on equipment at the AP3 line. This endeavour has resulted in the prevention of around 10 breakdowns, further enhancing operational excellence and ensuring cost-effectiveness. I owe these successful feats to my team, my mentors and the stainless spirit that connects us all.

Q. Tell us about your most memorable moment here

A. Honestly speaking, each day since joining has been a memorable one! However, there are some moments that stand out prominently. One can never forget the most challenging days in one’s life and, in my case, these were the days when we were finding it hard to stabilise Grade 430, which is used in the manufacturing of utensils, mint, machines and white goods. Faced with formidable challenges, our team followed a systematic approach and decided to note down the problems in pointers. This was followed by the creation of a road map, which enabled us to solve all problems one by one under the mentorship of J Sood sir. It is the result of his guidance and our team efforts that, today, we are producing 2,500 tonnes of the same grade.

Another highlight that I would like to mention is the behaviour of my seniors, which has left an indelible mark on me. They empowered me to make my own decisions and learn from them, which has induced a sense of confidence in me to take on new challenges. It is due to their strong support that I am able to lead tough projects today.

Q. What do you like to do in your free time?

A. I spend time with my family, and we do everything together right from watching movies and shows to going out and doing household chores. The list is endless!

Q. What is your message to the Jindal Stainless Family ?

A. There is a poem taught to kindergarten students by M.A. Stodart called “One Thing At A Time,” which I am an ardent believer in. It goes like this:

“Work while you work; play while you play. That is the way to be cheerful all day. All that you do, do with your might. Things done by halves are never done right. One thing each time and that done well, is a very good rule as many can tell. Moments are useless trifled away; so work while you work and play while you play.”

I believe doing things with passion, sincerity and concentration is the key to success and that’s how we can drive innovation in our plants!