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Our Partner, Our Pride

Mr Bimal Kachroo

March 30, 2019    


Mr Bimal Kachroo - Jindal Stainless

In an exclusive conversation with Jindal Stainless, Managing Principal, Holistics Urban Innovations Pvt. Ltd., Mr Bimal Kachroo presents an interesting insight about the ABC segment, tracing his accomplished career as an architect. As the industry today is brimming with opportunities for the future metal, Mr Kachroo emphasizes on the importance of stainless steel as a tool for a sustainable tomorrow.  

Take Us Back To The Beginning Of Your Journey. What Was Your Childhood Like?

Hailing from the scenic land of Jammu & Kashmir, natural beauty always intrigued me. I always had a creative approach towards things and was always fascinated by interesting architectural designs. Being born to a school principal mother and a government employee father, I had a very disciplined and study oriented childhood. After completing my schooling from Srinagar, I came to Delhi dreaming to be an accomplished architect. I pursued my masters in planning from School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi in 1990. I then started my own practise and eyed for developing sustainable and eco-friendly designs. I focused on developing economic power designs with energy efficient bioclimatic architecture. As of today, I have completed several state-of-the-art projects all over India.

What Motivated You To Start A Business In Stainless Steel Architecture? Tell Us About Some Noteworthy Milestones Of Your Business?

I had a fundamental three-fold motivation that pushed me to start a design business- an urge to do, the power to dream, and a fascination for architecture. Stainless steel proved to be the best fuel to my engine of dreams. The flexibility and adaptability of stainless steel with new building materials and construction technologies prompted me to start my own business. This helped me break free from the restrictions on my creative freedom and imagination, as most organizations required me to function is a set pattern, giving me sole ownership of my designs.

Over these years I have developed several projects. Some of them are The Corenthum and Anthurium in Noida (Uttar Pradesh), BMW training centre in Gurgaon (Haryana), The Caladium in Gurgaon (Haryana), Fraser Suites in Delhi, Ice Skating rinks in Kargil (Jammu & Kashmir) and Dehradun (Uttarakhand), World Square Mall in Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh), MDI Murshidabad (West Bengal), The Financial City in Bangalore (Karnataka).

How Do You See Your Profession Panning Out In The Future?

The future of the Architecture, Building, and Construction (ABC) segment will be mechanized. This is why extreme emphasis should be given to material education. Stainless steel finds prime importance here given the variety of finishes available for fabrication. This will certainly increase the metal’s use manifold.  Stainless steel is an energy efficient metal with anti-microbial properties. Moreover, it is durable and has minimal life cycle costs. This is what makes stainless steel a future metal. There are no doubts that the metal will enjoy high demand in the years to come. However, the availability of labour and credible manpower is an issue in Indian construction industry today and needs an active representation.

When And How Did Your Journey With Jindal Stainless Begin? What According To You Sets The Company Apart?

My journey with Jindal Stainless started around 15 years ago. Back then, I had designed certain bus stands and kitchen pantries in stainless steel. Jindal Stainless had supported this venture with its world-class quality supply of stainless steel sheets. We found the product to be hygienically excellent. Moreover, there were no fabrication defects, which is a common error in all stainless steel products in general. Since then, the company has only improved its quality standards. The finish and welding techniques of the product are vouch-worthy. The company also has an excellent customer support mechanism. This way, Jindal Stainless not only sells you the product, but also educates you about the metal. 

What Is Your Message To Young Managers/ Future Generation?

Today, more than anything, all students are taught to be pragmatic and smart. I urge all young managers to also keep dreaming. This is how we learn to innovate and think! Also, I feel that they can make the best use of technology and harness it for sustainable causes.