Jindal Stainless Foundation Helps Youth Become Self-Reliant
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Jindal Stainless Foundation helps youth become self-reliant

January 27, 2021    


Jindal Stainless Foundation helps youth become self-reliant - Jindal Stainless
The story of a youth in Odisha trained to become an entrepreneur with Jindal Stainless

The family of 22-year old Jagannath Mandal, son of Rabin Mandal from village Ranagundi, Danagadi, Odisha faced financial distress. Born to a farmer father and homemaker mother, their primary source of income was agriculture, and the family had been facing unstable financial conditions for a considerably long period of time. As a result, he could not complete his education after matriculation. 

In 2018, Jagannath came to know about the JIIT Electrical course being conducted with the support of Jindal Stainless Foundation, with the objective of imparting and enhancing employable skills of the rural youth. Soon, he got enrolled in the Advance Electrical Course from April to Nov 2018. He completed the course and started working in a workshop.

In January 2019, when the foundation was transitioning from skill development to entrepreneurship development, Jagannath expressed his interest to join the JIIT Electrical Workshop. He acquired the required work experience with the work order from JUSCO and our Jajpur plant in fan rewinding, local house wiring, etc. Jagannath Mandal showcased his entrepreneurial motivation while working with JIIT. He has started a shop in his own village and was able to get work orders for house wiring of many flats. 

Today, Jagannath Mandal is a role model in his locality due to his entrepreneurial bent of mind.