Jsl Foundation Trained Farmers Raise to Grow Bitter Gourd
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Jindal Stainless Foundation helps farmers raise bitter gourd vegetable

June 6, 2021    


Farmers in Odisha - Jindal Stainless

In another intervention by Jindal Stainless Foundation, farmers in Odisha were trained on best practices pertaining to growing bitter gourd. Bitter gourd is one of the most important vegetable crops grown in and around the Jajpur area in Odisha. It is cultivated by a majority of the farmers in the region. In the cropping season of year 2020, farmers faced problems with regards to the overall crop health. This negatively impacted the crop productivity, increased cost of cultivation and hence, adversely impacted incomes of the farmers. 

To address the issues related to the pest, soil-borne fungal & bacterial diseases, Jindal Stainless Foundation, in collabortaion with our CSR partner Gram Unnat Foundation, conducted demonstrations in Deoda and Nilakhantapur, Dharamshala Block. Farmers were trained on best practices related to improving soil health and pest control. They were also provided with high quality scientifically-recommended plant protection material at affordable prices at their door steps. This initiative has resulted in the reduction of cost of cultivation of bitter gourd with an assurance of high production.