Jindal Stainless Develops Third-Generation Ferritic Stainless Steel
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Jindal Stainless develops third-generation ferritic stainless steel for automotive applications

August 22, 2022    


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In order to fulfil various evolving needs of our customers and ensure optimum quality products in the automotive sector, the research and development team at Jindal Stainless has developed grade 430J1L niobium stabilized ferritic stainless steel. This specialized grade consists of high proportions of Chromium (>19%) and some amount of copper. Automotive components such as manifold, catalytic converter shell, and EGR (Exhaust gas recirculation) are the primary components being produced using this stainless steel. This grade is also used in the automotive muffler where exhaust gas condensate causes severe corrosion. 

430J1L has good formability for shape forming and drawing of automotive components. Additionally, it has excellent corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and high-temperature strength in a similar environment of exhaust gases. The elevated temperature (e.g. 700°C) strength of 430J1L is three times higher than type 409L and 1.5 times higher than type 439. 

Beside automotive exhaust system components, it is also used in automotive decorative trim, door & lightning insert, front grill, roof bars, rear mirror cover and door handle, etc. Stainless steel for this decorative touch offers a unique design, style and aesthetics that together provide an appealing combination in cars. There is a growing demand for this grade due to the above applications.

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