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Stainless Spirit

Irfan Khan

July 6, 2019    



An organization’s greatest asset is always its employees. They say a great employee is like a leaf clover – hard to find and lucky to get. JSL Lifestyle is lucky to have found one such leaf clover at the Pathredi Plant in Haryana. Mr Irfan Khan, Team Leader, is responsible for producing quality products through Polishing, Pickling and Sand Blasting, and has proven his invaluable worth time and again. In the sea of work involving production of stainless items like Railings, Cladding, Gates, Grab Rails, Benches, he is the backbone handling it all.

What Was Your Life Before Working With JSL Lifestyle Ltd?

Well, I was born in 1972 in Bihar, and came to Delhi at the age of 17. I started my journey in a copper polishing factory and later moved to stainless steel polishing. I am married to a beautiful wife and blessed with four children. Even though I was unable to receive proper education, I wanted to leave no stone unturned for my children.

Describe Your First Few Years At JSL Lifestyle

I began as a polisher in 2003 and soon advanced to serve as an on-roll employee in 2005. Since then, my perseverance has led me to climb the ladder. I was appointed as a supervisor and then a Foreman. Today, I am the Team Leader and manage a team of 70 people. I have worked in multiple projects from Infrastructure to Mobility. Apart from team management, I have successfully played a role in production cost reduction, through process improvement, and improved polishing capability. I feel honoured and humbled at the same time for having contributed in building a good work environment, not just for my peers but also for my subordinates.

“Irfan Khan is a hardworking professional and is extremely good at his job. He has an excellent relationship with his colleagues. He has been with us since 2003 and in his tenure he has solved many complicated issues by using his experience & techniques and saved the organisation from heavy losses. His vast experience and knowledge in Polishing, Pickling & Sand Blasting is of prime importance to us and we are indeed lucky to have him – Manufacturing Head, Pathredi Plant, Sanjeev Pandey”

Share Your Most Memorable Experience At JSL Lifestyle

I have many memorable experiences at JSL Lifestyle. However, I will speak about just one to elaborate my point. There was an export order from Dubai for Stainless Steel Pipes in mirror finish. At that time, the mirror polish related work used to be outsourced. Unfortunately, the final consignment was rejected by the customer. We had two options – either to re-polish it in-house or cancel the order. We took the challenge and made in-house polishing arrangements and completed the project successfully. This is just one of the instances when we have taken on challenges time and again and proven our mettle. JSL lifestyle has given us an atmosphere to take these challenges head on and succeed in every way possible.

What’s Your Message To The Stainless Family?

The road to success is not easy. But, at JSL Lifestyle, my hard work has always been appreciated and has earned me a good career path. I would urge every stainless employee to keep abreast with new technologies and keep upgrading themselves in multiple arenas of the work domain. For me, JSL Lifestyle has been the best place to work. Furthermore, all team members here work as a family and help each other personally and professionally.