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Our Partner, Our Pride

International Women’s Day Special: With Smt Savitri Jindal

March 27, 2024    



She is a homemaker, a politician, a social worker, and the Chairperson Emeritus of the O P Jindal Group. She has beautifully played diverse roles and has carved a legacy of myriad responsibilities, each met with unwavering dedication and is an inspiration to the modern women. In this edition of Stainless Post, let’s meet Smt Savitri Jindal, wife of the late Shri O P Jindal or Bauji, on being the perfect role model for the women of the modern era.

In this exclusive interview, we delve into the heart of her dynamic journey, exploring the profound secret that enables her to gracefully balance the intricacies of her multifaceted roles and define her versatile personality. She is India’s richest woman whose net worth grew by $9.6 billion – more than any other Indian in the past calendar year.

1. A homemaker, politician, social worker, and Chairperson Emeritus of the O P Jindal Group – you have played diverse roles with utmost dedication. Share with us the secret behind balancing these varied roles.

I approach every task with complete dedication and honesty, whether it’s at home or the office. This is why finding harmony and balance in these diverse roles has been a fulfilling experience for me.

Smt Savitri Jindal

2. Starting from a bucket manufacturing unit in Hisar to now heading a $35 billion revenue generating group, how do you perceive the journey of the Jindal Group?

I feel an immense sense of pride bearing witness to this remarkable journey, that the work initiated by Jindal sahab has been carried forward splendidly by my children.

3. In today’s era, when there are many more opportunities for women, what are those values that will prove to be supportive for them to be successful at personal, familial, and professional levels?

A value that proves to be supportive at every level is the ‘strong desire to learn’. There is no age limit for learning; learning remains continuous throughout one’s life. A person who is always eager to learn is successful at every stage of life. Even in the face of mistakes, we should learn from them and move forward – that is the mantra.

4. Being the Chairperson Emeritus of the OP Jindal Group, you are the richest woman in India. According to you, what is the mantra behind the progressive success of the Jindal Group?

The foundation of all these achievements is the unity of the family and its collective hard work and dedication.

5. Who do you consider your role model?

For me, Jindal sahab is my role model.

6. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, what message would you like to give to the women of society?

On this International Women’s Day, my message to the women of society is to always ensure balance in various aspects of life. Move forward and march towards success by balancing your role in multiple fronts of family, work, and personal endeavors. 

Interesting Facts:

  1. Favourite colour: Blue and Green
  2. Favourite movie: 12th Fail and Baghban
  3. Favourite songs: Devotional and patriotic songs
  4. Mantra for success: There is no shortcut to honesty and hard work
  5. Hobbies: I enjoy walking and playing games
  6. Favourite dish: Dosa (I really like South Indian food!)
  7. Preferred travel destination: Any place with family and children is dear to me. I also enjoy visiting Haridwar.
  8. Favourite book – I like reading religious books
  9. Memorable moment: Every moment spent with Mr Jindal is memorable for me.