Founder's Day - Jindal Stainless
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Stainless Spirit

Founder’s Day

August 15, 2021    


Shri OP Jindal - Jindal Stainless
Shri OP Jindal

Truly, for some men, destiny isn’t written unless they write it – Shri OP Jindal 

August holds a special place for the members of Stainless family as we celebrate founder’s day in this month. A man with an impeccable willpower, unquestionable resilience and unparallel perseverance, our Bauji is the source of inspiration for all of us and he is also the soul of Jindal Stainless. Coming from a humble background, Bauji had a stain-less passion towards machines and a determination to make India self-reliant. Even without receiving professional educational degree, he was so much technically skilled, that he used to make designs for machines. There is a famous anecdote that while Bauji was on a visit in the plant, just by listening to the machines he used to find out what defect it was having. That’s why he is also called as ‘man who talked to machines’. He had a mind of entrepreneur and keen eye for business. His resilience made him establish one of India’s most successful steel and power conglomerate, the OP Jindal Group. Bauji once stated, ‘It is not engineers and managers but a competent skilled workforce that helps increase the quality of the products and services of industry’. And, our company is fuelled with the young and enthusiastic workforce. So, in this Founder’s day special Abhiyakti, we asked our GETs and DETs what they think of Bauji in one word and why? Here are some of the responses that we received. 

Baibhav Karan

Persistent Whatever obstacles “Bauji” encountered, he never gave up. He encountered many ups and downs on his way from a little firm in Liluah to a global brand, but he never gave up. It motivates me to not give up on my dreams in difficult times and to keep going forward.
Baibhav Karan, GET, Central Quality, Jajpur

Abhishek Kumar

Self-Reliant “Bauji” always promoted self-reliance. His theory was that if we become self-reliant, so would our country. It makes me wonder how a small person like me can contribute to the nation’s well-being. It motivates me to strive harder every day and become a better version of myself. Abhishek Kumar, DET, CRM, Jajpur

Anushree Dey

Nation-First Whatever is good for the nation is good for business, as “Bauji” used to say. He always put our country first. We should also consider others and work to advance our fellow citizens in all aspects of life. That is how the entire country will rise up. Anushree Dey, DET, HSM, Jajpur

Bharat Kumar

Patriot Because everything he did, he did for his country, India to make with a passion to make India self-reliant. The ambition of his hard-work was to make India ‘Aatmanirbhar’ so that India can produce its own steel without any help of other country. Bharat Kumar, DET (SPD-Dispatch), Hisar

Kaushal Verma

Zealous Bauji came from very humble background but his love for machines and goodwill for country pulled him through all the hurdles. Such actions need strong desire to succeed and he never lacked it. Kaushal Verma, GET, CRD Electrical, Hisar

Pratyush Suman

Omnipresent Under Bauji’s guidance, OP Jindal group made its presence in all the directions, around the globe. These group companies are carrying his legacy forward in all ways possible, making him omnipresent till date. Pratyush Suman, GET, RM-Sourcing, Hisar

Atimukta Munet

Torch-bearer For, he showed us how to indigenize steel manufacturing and machines production. His openness to connect with every employee of any level shows us that he was of the feeling that ‘every person matters’. He was also a believer of self-reliance whether be it in case of manufacturing, technology or knowledge. This quality also plays a key role in an organisation’s success! Atimukta Munet, Management Trainee (HR), Hisar