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Stainless Spirit

DP Verma

September 7, 2018    



“DP Verma’s mind operates in 2041…” This one line is enough to describe our stainless hero. Let’s meet the man who has devoted 28 years of his life to Jindal Stainless. Popularly known as DP Verma, he is a tech enthusiast who is ever ready to learn new things. Exuding all the qualities of stainless steel, he has scaled new heights in his professional journey owing to his sheer perseverance and optimism. Give it a read and get inspired.

Everyone Has A Story To Tell, What’s Yours?

Well, I come from Rajasthan – the land of Kings. My father worked as a blaster in Hindustan Copper Limited’s mines. As the name suggests, it is a tough job. I have completed my higher secondary from Kendriya Vidyalaya. With no one to guide me, I chose to be an engineer and completed my diploma in Mechanical Engineering to build my dream life. I have two kids, who are my prized possession. My daughter is currently studying from IIT Delhi and my son recently got selected for IIT. Family isn’t always related by blood I have another family, close to my heart, with which I share a bond of 28 years – my Jindal Stainless family.

28 Years In One Company Is A Big Tenure Indeed. How Did It All Start?

It started in 1995, when I joined as a diploma engineering trainee at Jindal Stainless. That is when my engineering life began. I continued doing my MBA in Operations Research. Two years later, I landed my first job as a junior engineer in the Rolling Mill. Subsequently, I worked as an Assistant Manager in the Finishing dept. In 2003, I got associated with the Packaging dept which I am now heading as DGM. I always believe if you keep doing the same thing over and over again, it becomes monotonous. To expedite my learning, I always insisted my HR to change my departments which further enabled me to explore new and uncharted territories.

“Verma ji is always ready to adopt new technology. He is a keen learner. He does everything that is beneficial in future. That’s why we say that Verma ji operates in 2041. Calm and equally cheerful, he always talks to workers regarding their problems and requirements.”

Naveen Saini, Assistant Manager, Packaging and Dispatch

“DP Verma, one can relate his persona with that of a dependable finisher. He is soft-spoken, meticulous, and a true team player who stretches to meet challenging dispatch targets. DP, as is his popular name, is a keen learner, who keeps himself updated with the latest technology in his field and looks for continuous improvements.”

Mr Jagmohan Sood, COO, JSHL

There Are Tales About Your Love For Technology. They Even Say You Are Much Ahead Of Time. Is It True?

Technology is intended to make our lives easier. The chances of grave errors are greatly reduced with technology. In the entire CR division, only the Packaging and Dispatch department has been digitalized. For instance, we have set up a complete bar-coding system in the Dispatch department. This has enabled us to process our orders quickly, while still maintaining accuracy. With emerging trends, I always keep myself updated with the latest of technology. I still feel that technology cannot replace the human touch. It is very important to build and maintain good relations with the employees. Just a friendly pat on their shoulder can do wonders.

Would You Like To Share Things Which Profoundly Influenced Your Career ?

My journey would not have been possible without the support of my seniors, who were always there for me through thick and thin. All my seniors were very warm and their doors were open for me 24×7. I can remember how Mr SK Goyal always asked me to approach him if any problem arose. Apart from this, I got enough freedom at the workplace, so I make sure to give my team enough room to fulfill their objectives. I always discuss problems with them, give advice, and listen to their feedback. Even if they make any mistake, I remain calm and gentle. These little things are enough to empower your employees or anyone for that matter.

What Do You Do In Your Spare Time?

I am a music aficionado. In my free time, I enjoy listening to old classic melodies. Kishore da is my favourite singer. I have been listening to him since I was a child. One of my favourite songs is ‘Ek Chatur Naar’ from the movie ‘Padosan’. Apart from that, Sholay is one film which I have seen multiple times. In my spare time, I also love gardening. Since gardening does not yield immediate gratification, it has taught me to be patient and remain committed to a task. It has also taught me to weed out negative thoughts that sometimes crop up in the corners of our mind.

What Message Do You Wish To Convey To Your Stainless Family?

I want to share the same mantra that I have been following all my life. Do your work with utmost honesty, actively care for each other’s safety and make technology your friend to keep pace with the changing times. To succeed in modern times, it is very important to keep learning new things to stay ahead.