5 Sure-Shot Ways to Foster Creativity in Any Organization
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Deconstructing Creativity

January 1, 2019    



5 sure-shot ways to foster creativity in any organization

No idea can materialize inside an isolated ivory tower. Ideas need time to brew into shape like a cup of aromatic coffee is brewed to personal perfection. A thrill-seeker by nature, my mantra at work is to beyond the ordinary not just in my personal but also my professional life. Everyone might have their own ways for nurturing creativity. Here are 5 ways that I’ve tried, tested and trusted over the years.

1. Disagreement is development – In order to attain creative discipline, the existing frameworks of knowledge and norms need to be denounced. Doing the same things leads to repetition of the same ideas, which leaves less room for creativity to kick in. Any organization, which gives room for doubts and healthy arguments, is sure to succeed. Conflict only becomes a positive tool when both parties are listening with an intention to learn. Creativity arises from contradiction to thoughts of self and others. It is the sum process of intention, attention and lots of (productive) tension.

2.  Order in chaos Ever heard of the saying, Madness is next to genius? Who said that the creative process will be a straight flower-filled path to walk on? Creative minds are usually found to be the most unorganized in their work life It is okay to be unorganized at times, if it yields to creative results. Once in a while, it’s okay to spill a little coffee beans here and there, to brew the perfect cuppa.

3. Comfort zone? What’s that? – Every organization should strive to create multipliers and not settlers. A settler does not look beyond the established job role and demarcated lines of work. A multiplier not only pushes these defined lines, but also generates solutions to existing problems in the team. Every three months, a team leader should sit down with each colleague to ask them what projects they would like to take up if time wasn’t a detriment. Through this exercise, the creative tendencies of every member are highlighted and their true potential is revealed. 

4. Pay attention to routine – And then break it!   Following the same routine and repeatedly doing the same things is an unhealthy habit.  An efficient team member should always be looking at opportunities to bring new practices at work. One way to do that is to break the pattern for yourself as well as your team. Breathers between work are as important as the work itself. Engaging into such practice leads to a happier team which is bound to reflect in the creativity they’ll bring to the work

5. Go big or go home – One of the key traits of creative people is that they are risk takers. They are not afraid to put their thoughts in the universe, and therefore they have the most original ideas. Anyone who wishes to foster creativity needs to be able to take bold risky decisions, because progress only takes place when the status quos change.