Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion in Jindal Stainless
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Celebrations At Work Place

October 16, 2018    



Hurried schedules, work deadlines, endless meetings and emails, all add to the stresses one deals with in their daily life. The need to take a step back to reconnect with oneself, and others around, is more pronounced today than ever before. After all, life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated. Embracing this spirit, we celebrate festivals and little achievements together, with our family in the Hisar plant. Celebrations bring employees closer and make them feel valued and honored; they break the cultural barriers existing at various levels, and make the system more democratic. Celebrating as a company adds to the feeling of a collective unit and can give employees a stronger sense of purpose, drive team engagement, and help individuals realize their potential.

Be it a friendly cricket match or a welcome party for the new batch of GETs, we miss no occasion to celebrate as our family. When we celebrated Janmashtami on September 3, 2018, even our Chairperson Emeritus Smt. Savitri Jindal Ji joined the festivities. It naturally boosted the confidence of employees who often look for such opportunities to meet their leaders and talk to them. Celebrations also help in inter-departmental bonding and ease the creases in such relationships. This was visible on the occasion of Shri Vishwakarma day when Shri Abhyuday Jindal Ji and Smt. Shrishti Jindal Ji performed puja and hawan along with the staff and employees of all departments. Such activities motivate employees to participate in company initiatives more freely. They even help in the integration of new employees and create a sense of belongingness to the organization.

When leaders take time to appreciate the efforts of the team and celebrate little joys with them, they pave the path for a culture of respect, appreciation and celebration. A small step by the leaders in this direction goes a long way in keeping employees happy and motivated at work.