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“Women of the world want and deserve an equal future free from stigma, stereotypes and violence; a future that’s sustainable, peaceful, with equal rights and opportunities for all. To get us there, the world needs women at every table where decisions are being made”.- UN Women

In 1908, thousands of women shook New York City demanding their right to vote and to have better working conditions, which led to the first National Woman’s Day in the US in 1909, and sowed the seeds for the first-ever International Woman’s Day on March 8, 1911.

Shalini Mehrotra, Principal, VDJS, Hisar
Navneet Raghuvanshi, Company Secretary, Jindal Stainless
Sonal Khetarpal, Editor-SME, Financial Express

More than a century has passed since its inception; yet, despite the sweeping reforms in many spheres of life, women still face stark inequalities in wealth, resources and opportunities, when compared to their male counterparts. Also, as more women choose to be vocal, we are witnessing a frightening backlash against women’s rights gained to date.

The Global Gender Gap Report 2020 by WEF came with the sobering warning that we won’t be able to reach gender parity for the next 99.5 years- with the unequal impact of pandemic threatening further retrogression. It is with these stark realities in mind Jindal Stainless, with its commitment towards gender parity and inclusivity, celebrated IWD 2021. In an attempt to provoke thought and put the limelight on difficult gender-related problems in public discourse, a virtual debate competition was organised on March 5 on these topics.

1. The rise of career-women has caused the downfall of the family,

2. Beauty pageants for women are actually anti-empowerment, and 

3. Since Men will be men, women should be graceful and dignified

More than 20 employees took part in this debate and expressed what they stood for. The Jury members for this debate were Principal, VDJS, Hisar, Ms Shalini Mehrotra; Company Secretary, Jindal Stainless, Mr Navneet Raghuvanshi and Editor-SME, Financial Express, Ms Sonal Khetarpal. Name of the winners was announced on March 9. Here are the highlights of their arguments.

Winner- Kanika Agarwal

AM, Research and Development, Hisar

Topic chosen- Beauty pageants are actually anti-empowering (in favor of motion)

There is a set of unrealistic standards which women have to meet to enter the beauty pageants. 10% of women drop out of these pageants because they are not comfortable wearing a swimsuit. There are 7% women who fall in the trap of body dysmorphism, 15% women suffer from eating disorder. There are 25% women who are suffering from depression due to this body image issue. Fitness is not only judged by how beautiful or attractive you look in your body. There are many parameters to this. But, beauty competitions are not taking those into account.

First Runner Up- Chandan Kashyap

Executive, Civil, Gurgaon

Topic chosen- Rise of career women has caused fall of the family (against the motion)

I don’t think rise of career women has caused fall of the family in India, because, rise of carrer-women and the fall of the family are two different things. There is no relation between them. Fall of the family in India is due to misunderstanding, domestic violence, forced marriage, lack of communication between families etc. A family can only sustain if both husband and wife respect each other. There should a sense of equality over a sense of dominance. 

Second Runner Up- Deepshikha Chhabra

AM, Learning and Development, Gurgaon

Topic chosen- Rise of career women has caused fall of the family (against the motion)

Kanika Aggarwal
Chandan Kashyap
Deepshikha Chhabra

Yes, we are seeing a decline in the stable families today. But, are we right to blame career focused women for this? While marriages are being unstable these days, number of single mothers are also on rise who are working and taking care of the children as well. Talking about social support, there are only 9% of husbands who take up the domestic responsibilities. Rest all is on a woman’s shoulder. When it comes to choosing between career and family, always a woman has to make a choice, not the man.

Here is what the jury had to say-

Shalini Mehrotra, Principal, VDJS, Hisar

I think this generation has to understand that women empowerment is a very controversial issue nowadays and we are really reflecting on it to understand that, are we leaving behind the other gender somewhere in empowering the one? As human beings are we should be respecting the other gender, whether men or women. It shouldn’t be a race, but both have to accompany each other.

Navneet Raghuvanshi, Company Secretary, Jindal Stainless

The worst part about the entire changing scenario is that we are expecting too much from a woman. We are expecting her to make a balance between the house and work, but now women need to ask their partners to share the load and take responsibilities. This debate was a good experience to feel the entire scenario and it was lovely hearing all the women and men.  

Sonal Khetarpal, Editor-SME, Financial Express

During the debate, we found that we ourselves are very confused about the biases and expectations. We want to be empowered, but on the other hand, we also are not able to transition or to get out of our whole expectation that the home is for women and the job is for men. So, I really like the debate as we are rethinking these issues and surely, I would like to thank everyone for making aware me of the biases that I have. 

Stainless Spirit

Mukesh Kumar Pathak

  • Mukesh Kumar Pathak
    Total Operations Management

“When life throws you a curveball,

get on the front-foot and swing!”

A cricket lover, our protagonist for this month swears by this philosophy. From Hisar to Jajpur, and from the Scrap Yard to SMS, the one thing he always carried with him is relentless zeal to learn and improve. It’s no surprise that he now lends his services to Total Operations Management.

Tell us about your life before Jindal Stainless.

I hail from the Aligarh district in Uttar Pradesh, from a joint family, that is active in trade and agriculture. I graduated with a B.Sc. in 1996 and then started preparing for Defence Services. I chanced upon an advertisement from Jindal Stainless and somehow decided to apply. After the interview, I visited the factory and realized that this is where I would like to work. That’s how my journey with Jindal Stainless began in Hisar in 1997.

How has the Jindal Stainless journey been for you?

I started with the SMS Furnace in Hisar. After a couple of months, I moved to the scrap yard and learned a lot. One day, my supervisor, Mr Kishore Gurbaxani, (who is still my boss in Jajpur!), asked me to work in the AOD section. I don’t know what he saw in me, but I made the best of this opportunity. After completing my daily tasks, I would work at the AOD until late at night daily. In AOD, I started as an Operator, then as a Melter, then a Shift Manager. Eventually, in 2007, I became the Section In-charge at AOD, LRF and Planning.

I was then asked to reduce the silicon rate. In two months, after testing and experimentation with the help of my team, I reduced the silicon rate from 30kg/tonne to 24kg/tone, saving about 3 INR crores per month at that time. I was associated with SMS in Hisar until 2013. After spending a couple of years with another company, I joined Jindal Stainless, Jajpur in 2015 as AGM, SMS. My journey contains several milestones, like increasing productivity from 5 heats per day to 26 heats per day at Hisar, and from 12-13 heats per day to 23 heats per day at Jajpur; increasing Chrome & Nickel recoveries at SMS; and reducing flux rate at SMS by following the Waste to Wealth initiative. I also initiated several practices related to safety, like appointing Field Safety Officers, on-site emergency preparedness and mock exercises, complete PPEs including 100% eye protection, and quarterly home safety meetings, etc. My journey would have been incomplete without support from the people I have worked with, and I have immense gratitude for each one of them.

Firstly, at the beginning of my tenure at AOD in Hisar, under the guidance of Mr Kishore Gurbaxani, I was given a task to produce 409L grade with extra-low carbon content for the first time. This achievement invigorated me. Another memorable experience was that I led a Lean Quality Circle (LQC) project for reducing flux consumption. The project won several regional and national awards within the LQC and helped the company by way of productivity and quality improvements. Working on that project and the subsequent appreciation motivates me to push myself harder till date. The most recent experience in the list is being a part of the team that led to the highest production of 95KT at SMS through process excellence and optimisation in January 2021.

Share some memorable experiences from your journey.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy both playing and watching cricket. I read a lot of books, practice yoga daily, and watch movies in the action, thriller, and comedy genres. My favorite book is ‘Stop Worrying & Start Living’. I’ve been married since 2002 and I love spending time with my wife and our daughter.

What is your message to Jindal Stainless family?

From my personal experience, I can say that alongside diligence, dedication and faith in oneself, emotional intelligence helps a lot in one’s career. Personal and professional bonds with colleagues help improve both productivity and satisfaction.

“Mukesh embodies our customer-centric philosophy and delivers extraordinary results. Like a true achiever, he is very disciplined and creative in his approach. He continues to impress us with his warmth, wisdom, and kindness.”

Head, SMS, Mr Kishore Gurbaxani

Stainless Spirit


  • Mr Manav Mangla
    Deputy Manager, Value Engineering, JSLL

Tell us about your life before Jindal Stainless?
I was a highly disciplined, dedicated and passionate person right from my college days. My keenness to learn and excel enable me to top the batch. And my passion to serve the nation led me to explore for a career in armed forces wherein I passed the exam but fate had a different story planned for me and I joined Jindal Lifestyle as a GET.

I am always very keen to explore places and I have my bucket list of places identified. I started this exploration journey while I was in school and thus far have seen only 25% of that list.

Describe your first few years at Jindal Stainless?
My first few years at Jindal were a mixed bag of feelings. I was a fresher who was trying to learn as well as put all my engineering knowledge into a practical space. I worked my sweat out to acquire new skills and prove my worth. In a short span of 4 years I got the opportunity to work in different departments such as Operations (OEM+ Modular Kitchens), Quality assurance and New Product Development.

However, 2016 was one of the best year for me, while I got the opportunity to lead Modular Kitchen Operations.  The remarkable achievement was within three months, we were able to systemize the work flow and increased the production efficiency.

Next happening year for me was 2017, when I got shifted to OEM -Value Engineering as technical Sales support.  This tenure has been most enriching experience for me. I successfully developed various new products for our key customer like whirlpool, Havells and Kent. I felt very proud when I came to know that artisan bowls designed by me on occasion of 100yrs of Kitchen Aid got selected and was presented to the leadership of whirlpool and which is right now placed in their corporate office. This was the best acknowledgement of Designer in me.

I still remember, how nervous I was when I got the opportunity to shift to the corporate space in Gurgaon as a Techno- commercial lead. I had mostly spend time in plant operations and adapting to corporate culture was a new challenge. As always I was determined to excel here as well. I am really thankful to my mentors, Ms Pushpa Chowdhary and Mr Nidhish Bhatia who molded and supported me in creating this new version of myself.  

Though I still miss the joy of being around machines but the joy of acquiring and showcasing my competence in customer management vide using the techno commercial knowledge is much more overwhelming. Earlier I use to focus more on establishing the process for any new development but now in addition to same I ensure end to end management of any order right from RFQ to supplies.

Would you like to share some memorable experiences from your journey in Jindal Stainless?
My tenure in JSLL is full of memorable experiences. Being, my first company, it will always remain close to my heart. All the learning and ups and downs I have seen during this period has developed me as a renewed professional.

The most remarkable experience was getting the international SCOC audit cleared. This was first international audit for our company and most difficult audit for any organization to get. I felt really proud of myself for having led the Cross Functional Team and made this through. 

Similar was my inning in Modular Kitchen Department where I learnt and excelled the most about production processes and how to bring efficiency by being process oriented. This was truly a challenging task as I was solely responsible to set up a work procedure and establish a flawless coordination between multi department (design-PPC-operations, Quality and Outsource suppliers).  

Another great milestone in my career at JSLL was in 2017 when I started my inning with OEM- Value Engineering department as technical lead. We worked very diligently to get new customer on board. We went all out and identified niche product category like SS RO tanks, Fire – extinguisher. I recall how in heat of summer and chilling winters we use to travel pan India to visit our customer to convince them to shift from Plastic tank to SS tank. We use to sit with customer technical team, stand at vendor factories to take product trails. But what they say all pains is vain when success kisses you. Our effort resulted in having new OEM customer like Havells, Kent, Environics and TATA Motors on board. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I believe that in order to keep your mind fit, one has to be physically fit as well to cope up with the day to day pressure. I love to play table tennis or do yoga and meditation in my spare time. I also like to invest my time with my family and with nature. Whenever I am back in my hometown, I can always be seen spending hours on end in the garden alone. Being there in that moment makes me feel like I am grounded to the earth. 

What’s your message to the Stainless family?
JSL Lifestyle is an ocean of opportunity and if you want to grow here, you need to do your work with dedication. I feel that the mantra of success here is to have entrepreneurial mind set to dig into each and every detail of the work.

Stainless Spirit

Committed to Learn

  • Mr. Pankag Garg
    Manager, CRD Finishing Line

This time, we are celebrating the Stainless Spirit of Mr Pankag Garg.  His story is a shining example that with dedication, no mountain is too high to climb. Having spent over two decades at Jindal Stainless, he terms being appointed as the CTL (Cut to Length) Line In-charge as the turning point in his career. What was he doing in Iber Jindal, Spain in 2016? Read the full article to find out!

Tell us about your life before Jindal Stainless.

I can say that Haryana is both my ‘Janmabhoomi’ and ‘karmabhoomi’. I belong to Karnal. After completing me schooling, I pursued a Diploma from Mechanical trait. Post that in 1998, I started working in a company in Sonipat. I worked there until October 1999. After a month’s break, I joined Jindal Stainless (Hisar) Limited as a DET (Diploma Engineering Trainee) in December.  Since then, I am a part of this big Stainless family. I also upgraded my qualifications by enrolling in BS (Bachelors in Science and Technology) from BITS Pilani from 2008 to 2011 via distance education. 

How has the journey at Jindal Stainless been for you?

In a nutshell, my journey has been full of learning and evolving by overcoming challenges. My journey here started with working at the Bright Annealing Line (vertical). Then, I was transferred to the AP4 (CRAP) Line, where I was working as the Shift In-charge. The turning point of my career came when I was given the independent charge of the CTL (Cut to Length) Line. It felt a rebirth at the CTL Line and I can proudly say that the CTL line here is the best in Hisar. The credit for this goes to the hard work put in by the team members and the support provided by the management. 

With time, I learnt a lot and perfected my skills working at CTL. Whenever there was any problem in CTL at our service centres, the company would send me from here to solve it and I was fortunate enough to solve the problem every time. I never failed where ever I was sent. After that, I was sent to the Finishing Line and last year, I was sent back to CTL. Two months back, I was given responsibility to look after entire the finishing operation and with the help of a motivated team, we broke the all-time record in finishing in October at 24,292MT and even surpassed that in November at 25,078MT with same manpower and resources. This is almost like a dream come true! 

Which is your most memorable moment at Jindal Stainless?

In 2016, I got an opportunity to go to one of our subsidiaries, Iber Jindal, Spain to solve a complaint related to CTL. That was related to some major issue and around 65 lakh rupees were at stake. This complaint was discussed at MD’s level and then, I was selected to go there and solve that problem. This was the chance of lifetime for me! It was my first foreign visit and I went there alone, stayed for six days and completed the assigned work successfully.

I would say that the most rewarding thing which I’ve earned here is the faith of the management in me, which always inspires me and pushes me to give my best performance every time. A similar thing happened last year when I was sent to Slitting 5 line in CRD 3 where we were not processing 0.5mm and below material. So, I was given a chance to do that. I took this as a challenge and now even 0.15mm material is being processed in our plant. Earlier, these materials were sent to our Gurgaon service centre for being processed. By doing this at our location itself, we also achieved cost saving. We are crossing every challenge with the support of the management and a highly motivated team. By developing this in-house facility, we broke the myth that material below 0.5mm can’t be processed here. Today we are taking the maximum productivity from that line! 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

On weekends, my favourite time is when I am with my family. My son and wife are my family. To spend quality time with them, taking them out for dinner or some outing is what I prefer to do. I think it is the best way to spend weekend.  

What is your message for Jindal Stainless family?

Currently, I am working as a Senior Manager. So, from my level I can say that with teamwork and dedication, every goal is achievable, be it in your professional or personal life. Focus is also an important aspect of this. So, it is very important for a person to stay focused. With these three qualities, every target is achievable. 

Stainless Spirit

Bumper Production

  • Mr Kishore Kumar Gurbaxani
    Head, SMS, Jaipur

Stainless Spirit

“With limbs that move in a majestic arc,

They glow like a beacon of light in a world so dark.

Efficiently enduring every ordeal

They embody the spirit of stainless steel.”

In our ‘new normal’, many of us are working remotely or with face masks and social distancing amidst a world health crisis. In such times, it can be difficult to stay motivated but that’s why we turn to each other for support and encouragement. We are proud to share employees of Jindal Stainless not only supported and motivated each other during these times but also managed to achieve achieved multiple ‘highest-ever’ milestones in the month of September! We achieved:

  • Highest-ever production at Steel Melting Shop (SMS) in Jajpur at 90,355 MT
  • Highest-ever group sales (domestic + exports + SPD + flat products) at 1,37,078 MT
  • Highest-ever domestic sales at 1,02,012 MT
  • Highest-ever dispatch from Hisar at 61,800 MT
  • Highest-ever dispatch from SPD, Hisar at 2,692 MT

What better way to prove that a comeback is always greater than any setback!

Let’s find out the details of this exceptional performance from our leaders in Hisar and Jajpur Featured in this story are Head, SMS, Mr Kishore Kumar Gurbaxani from Jajpur; and Head, Dispatch, Mr D P Verma, and AGM, SPD, Mr Aditya Krishnani from Hisar.

Starting with the highest-ever production at SMS, how did we achieve this milestone? 

Mr Gurbaxani – People will question why didn’t we do it earlier, but I must say, reaching a daunting goal requires seamless planning and smooth execution. We took the steps at every level and applied the 3R (Revisit, Rethink, and Rework) model on every loophole. The whole team of SMS was supported by the management of the organization, all the HODs, and a few departments, including CSM, Procurement, and Logistics, to make this happen.

You talked about taking multiple steps to achieve this; please elaborate.

Mr Gurbaxani – Key technical and managerial steps helped us along this journey. 

A heightened (meeting was arranged with the CSM team regarding the planning requirements for taking single or double heats as per the situation.

  • Top Lance Flow rate was increased at AOD in order to enhance the decarburization rate which resulted in lesser process time.
  • Casting speed was optimized as per the situation in order to maintain higher sequence.
  • Second skimmer was installed successfully which helped to supply the melted liquid to AOD without any delay.
  • Effective coordination was carried out between different sections such as EAF, AOD, LRF, and Caster regarding the heats and sequence changes in order to minimize the holding time and operational delays.
  • Meltdown was planned effectively as per the daily requirements, in order to minimize the delay in charging.
  • Final chemistry and opening chemistry were controlled as per the quality plan. The process parameters were maintained strictly as per Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Daily targets for production were set, revised and achieved in line with the overall production status.
  • The availability of the required raw materials at the site was ensured on time.
  • A wider section at the Caster was changed in order to produce higher number of heats (22) in 3 days. 

What were the challenges the team has faced due to COVID-19 and how did the team overcome them?

Mr Gurbaxani – Undoubtedly, COVID-19 affected almost every part of the business, inclduing our shop floor areas. We were facing major issues regarding the workforce as most of the workers were not present due to COVID. We also needed to ensure social distancing and sanitisation on the shop floor areas. So, we took a few steps after discussing with the internal COVID-19 task force.

 The steps were:

  • An incentive scheme was introduced for workmen for their efforts on following proper social distancing and safety regulations. This helped in increasing the productivity of employees and boosted their morale.
  • In order to avoid large gatherings in a single shift, manpower management was done by proper allotments of operators, technicians, and workers in different shifts to smoothen the carry-over between two shifts.
  • Sanitisation was carried out at shop floor areas on a regular as well as need basis.

In the end, the management had given the liberty to all the concerned area-in-charges, managers, and workers to achieve their targets on the basis of their capability by following proper Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and safety regulations. The same targets were also added in their Key Performance Trackers (KPTs).

“Our employees are our pride and by achieving the milestone during the pandemic they have proved that they have the qualities of ductility and high strength and they will continue to shine just like Stainless Steel. “

Meanwhile in Hisar….

It’s exemplary that in the month of August, 57,000 MT+ dispatches were made, and in September, we surpassed that and set a new record of 61,800 MT+ dispatches. The Special Products Division (SPD) also broke its record for the third month in a row in September by making dispatches of 1,174 MT in 0.1mm JBS (Jindal Blade Steel) segment and a total of 2,962 MT dispatch in September. 

Let’s hear from the people who are at the forefront and who have watched this dream coming to the reality. In conversation with Head, Dispatch, Mr D P Verma and AGM, SPD, Mr Aditya Krishnani.

Q- Tell us the story behind the record dispatch of 57,000MT in August and 61,800 MT in September.

Mr Verma – For the Dispatch team of our Hisar plant, success means growing effectively and efficiently using innovative solutions. In the past as well, we have broken our own set records in terms of production and dispatch but this time, we were facing a behemoth and unprecedented challenge posed by COVID-19. The challenge was not just to resume operations post lockdown, but to keep our manpower safe and keep the motivation flowing so that they also keep marching ahead. We banked on team work and coordination to find our way forward. As the nation unlocked, production picked up pace in all the units. If we talk about September, then 

  • In SMS, 62,000 MT steel was casted. 
  • In Steckel Mill as well, highest-ever rolling of 52,700+ MT was done. 
  • Team CRM also achieved highest ever OTIF (on time in full) of more than 95% by maximizing thinner rolling (6,500 + MT). 

So, it is clear that we all are inspiring and rooting for each other so that we can grow together.

Mr Krishnani – The target was achieved by gathering different ideas from the team during the lockdown period, and then implementing the best ones when operations resumed in the plant. In August, our overall dispatch was of 2,918 MT, including 1131MT in the 0.1mm JBS segment. Again in September, we transcended that record by making dispatches of 2,962 MT, including 1,174 MT of 0.1mm JBS. For this, we are extremely thankful for the support from CR, HR, Quality Assurance, Logistic, Purchase, Utility, R&D, JBS core team and the Marketing team for their immense support.

Q- What were the steps taken in order to achieve theses targets?  

Mr Verma – With our eyes set on the goal, we kept moving forward and came up with an action plan that was practical and productive. We got in touch with the top management and formed a 24-hour shift plan. We divided the 24 hours into 3 shifts and balanced each team in terms of workforce and materials handled. From time to time, we kept monitoring the progress and updating the management accordingly. From the very first day post lockdown, we were confident that we would chase our goal of breaking the dispatch record and never let anything distract us. 

Mr Krishnani – We started working on productivity improvement at different stages of SPD like pickling productivity and annealing lines productivity. We majorly focused on enhancing productivity at the Nobag slitting lines. This helped us in achieving the set target.

Q-Who are our major customers? 

Mr Verma – Our major customers are P&T, Railways, Hollowware, Elevators and Re-roller companies. But to be honest, the name of customer doesn’t matter. We believe in delivering the product to the customer on time. We respect all the units for putting in all the efforts for production, that too in such trying times. 

Mr Krishnani – All major blade manufacturers in India and abroad are our key customers.

Q- What were the pandemic-related challenges faced? 

Mr Verma – The COVID-19 pandemic has affected life around the globe and industries are not untouched by this. We faced disruption in our supply chain. As mentioned earlier, the major focus of our team was on safety. Keeping that in mind, we implemented contactless paper handling methodology at each and every step, which helped us in minimising the touch points. Besides this, all the employees and workers were made aware of the virus, its cause and effects.

Mr Krishnani – We faced many challenges in terms of manpower availability and wellness of available manpower. But plant was prepared well and all necessary precautions were taken to overcome this issue.

What is the next target?  

DP Verma- Every month, we set new targets, and make our strategy accordingly. That is the reason why we keep ourselves always ready. Dispatch depends upon production and with our enthusiastic and dedicated production unit, I am sure that in the coming month, we will ship more product than the previous one.Mr Krishnani – We are targeting for 3000+ MT dispatches from SPD using existing facilities. The entire team is working tirelessly in order to achieve this target. We are definitely close to it and I am positive that we will make more dispatches than the set target in the next month.

Stainless Spirit

Steering the Steelway Warehouse- Mr Dilip Das

  • Mr Dilip Das
    Engineer, Jindal Stainless Steelway Limited

In this edition of Abhivyakti, Meet AE, Production, Mr Dilip Das from Jindal Stainless Steelway limited who has completed 15 stain-less years being a part of the Jindal family. He has gone through multiple role changes and has proved to be consistent performer everytime. Currently he is warehouse incharge in Pathredi plant. Destiny brought this man from Odisha to Haryana…some strings attached right? Read more to know his story. 

Q- Tell us about your life before Jindal stainless.

Ans- I was born in Odisha and I grew up in the capital city Bhubaneswar. When I reminisce about my childhood, memories of working in farms come to my mind. With limited resources, I completed my senior secondary education after which I pursued ITI (Fitter) from Therubali which is in Rayagada district.  My professional journey kick started with an automobile manufacturing company called Mark Auto India limited in Gurgaon. I joined there as a quality inspector and worked for four years. It was then when I witnessed the utilisation of stainless steel in vehicles. This ignited curiosity about stainless steel in me. I began searching about this magical ferroalloy. I searched about stainless steel making process and gathered all the related information. Getting employed with Jindal stainless, India’s largest stainless-steel producer in 2005 was like a dream come true for me.

Q- How has the Jindal stainless journey been for you?

Ans- I joined Jindal stainless on Dec 1, 2005. It has been quite a journey since then. Time passed with a blink of an eye and it is hard to believe that I have completed 15 ‘Happy’ years with this organization. I joined here in the quality department where under the guidance of AVP, Operation, Mr SK Mahajan, I learnt a lot. In this 15-year journey, my role was changed many times. I worked in PPC, Quality, Production and Operation Departments. Currently, I am working as a warehouse in charge (Assistant Engineer). I got a great exposure by working in these different departments and my knowledge also expanded exponentially

I believe that Kaizan is most important value for any type of industry. I learnt from my seniors and implemented all the lessons in the dispatch system. With implementing proper planning and scheduling, we achieved the highest ever dispatch of our service center. It improved from 3,000 MT in 2005 to 15,500 MT in Feb 2020 and we hope for further improvement to do best.

Q- Share some memorable experiences from your journey-

Ans- For me, every moment of being productive at work is memorable. I remember that we were engaged in loading activity of vehicle in three shifts previously for 9,000 MT dispatch. But now, under the guidance of Head, Manufacturing, Mr Nilesh Ratilal Faladu, we are loading vehicle with around 15,500 MT dispatch with the same manpower but application of better management ideas. I am also grateful that we haven’t paid detention charge from last 1-2 years. From last two years, I have been actively participating in development of packing methodology for JSSL and changing packing contract from company contract to labour wage contract which is beneficial in terms of cost. It’s always the achievements earned with hard work that brings smile to my face. One of the fondest memories of my journey over here is when with the help of just two employees, we reused scrap packing material for packing the finished goods, which saved approximately 3 lakh per month. Remembering this incident always fills my heart with pride.

Q- What do you like to do in your spare time?

Ans- I like to spend my spare time with my family. I really enjoy playing with my two kids. Besides this, I have a keen interest in market and industry news. I love to read about stories and performances of other companies. I watch business news channels to keep myself updated with all the latest developments. It also helps me to be updated with prices of metals related with stainless steel industry.

Q- What is your message to Jindal stainless family

Ans- My message to Jindal family is that we, the employees, should remain happy.  With a positive and happy mindframe, we are more productive and this spirit makes us strong as an organisation. We can achieve the desired goal if we work with dedication and honesty. Jindal stainless values innovation and we should work towards making a collaborative culture within the company where employees are encouraged to share their ideas. The company is providing facilities to the employees so that they can deliver the most outstanding customer service. So, I urge everyone to keep the working environment positive so that everyone can perform their best.

Stainless Spirit

Mukesh’s Mettle.

  • Mr. Mukesh Sekwaria
    Associate Manager, SPD, Hisar

In this edition of Abhivyakti, let’s look at the journey of AM, SPD, Mr Mukesh Sekwaria from Hisar. He is the perfect example of starting small and making it large. His exciting tenure of 13 years has been fiddled with many innovations and improvement initiatives, and of course, endless learning! Read on to know why he terms Jindal Stainless as the best thing that has happened to his career. 

Tell us about your life before Jindal Stainless?

I was born and brought up in Jaora, a city in Madhya Pradesh – the heart of India.  I pursued Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Government Polytechnic, Jaora. Then, I started my professional journey from Uttam Galva Steels in Kapoli, Maharashtra. I worked there for three years as a Technical Level Operator.  I joined Jindal Stainless’ Hisar plant in 2007 and it has been a wonderful journey since then.

Describe your first few years at Jindal Stainless.

I joined as a Junior Engineer in 2007. At that time, I was assisted by one helper. And today, I am a team leader, managing a team of 35 people. I started out working as an Operator in the Tension Leveler Line. It is a very advanced and specialized line where the Precision Strips are subjected to traction force to eliminate the internal stress and achieve maximum degree of flatness. It is a matter of pride for all of us that from 2007 to 2017 under the guidance of our supervisors, we have increased the production in this line by manifolds.

Whai is your most memorable moment at Jindal Stainless?

As a team, we have achieved many milestones through continuous innovation and hard work in my tenure here. Each moment of such successes has been memorable and special for me. With time, I was entrusted with more and more responsibilities, which I am glad I was able to carry out. At first, I was made In-charge of the Bright Annealing line. There is constantly increasing market demand for bright annealed stainless steel of impeccable quality. The Tension Leveler and Bright Annealing Lines are the lifelines of the Specialty Products Division (SPD) and I’m honoured to have worked at both. In 2013, I was also given the charge of the Slitting Line. The function of the Slitting Line is to break down coils into smaller pieces based on the customers’ needs. My team and I have rolled coils of 520mm width exceeding our previous limit of 450mm, leading to huge cost benifits. We also reduced the thickness of the coil from .07mm to .05mm, and we did all this through internal modifications. For this, we were awarded with Star Reward in 2013 and I also got appreciated by VP, Mr Rajinder Raina. This motivated me a lot and is still one of my fondest memories here. In 2015, I was given the charge of the Inco Tension Leveler 2. This is now the model machine under TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) and we have achieved highest-ever production of 500 MT in August 2019.

What do you like to do in your spare time ? 

I love watching masala potboilers of Bollywood. Welcome is one of my favourite entertainment movies, and I have seen it umpteen number of times. I love travelling and visiting beaches, and I am planning a trip to Goa with my family in the coming days, once COVID-19 is behind us.

What’s your message to the stainless family?

Jindal Stainless is the best thing that happened to me in my professional career. My hardwork has always been appreciated and has earned me a good career path. My message to my Jindal Stainless family is that this is a place which gives endless growth opportunities to its employees. So, one should exploit these opportunities to the fullest in order to achieve success. This place helps satiate your hunger for innovation and improvement, and offers the best opportunities for sharpening your engineering skills, and we must respect that. Furthermore, all team members here work as a family and help each other personally and professionally. For me, it is my learning ground and I’m forever thankful to it. 

Stainless Spirit

The CSM Expert – Mr Amit Tyagi

  • Mr. Amit Tyagi
    DGM, CSM, Jajpur

The beginning of the 13th year might be unlucky for some, but definitely not for our hero of the month, DGM, CSM, Jajpur, Mr Amit Tyagi. From Meerut to Delhi, to Hisar and finally, to Jajpur, have a look at his eventful journey that eventually led him to be awarded at our annual awards night, Utsav 2019. 

1- Tell us something about your life before Jindal Stainless. 

I hail from a small village in Meerut where I graduated in Science despite limited resources. Post that, I was employed with a trading company called Ambika International in Delhi sicne 2008. It was there that I completed my MBA while working as a Sales Executive. After a tenure of 4 years there, I moved to Apollo International (a group company of Apollo Tyres Ltd.) and worked there at first as Executive, Export at its corporate office in Gurugram, and then as Branch Head at Vadodara.  My job helped me become sound at grasping the changing dynamics of company policies, working culture and ethos. Being in charge of all the activities and interactions with a varied pool of people, such as government officials, suppliers and vendors, I became adept at dealing with people. This also caused my confidence to emerge and sustain as I had found my calling. 

2-How has the Jindal Stainless journey been for you?

I began my journey with Jindal Stainless at Hisar on February 7, 2007 as Assistant Manager – Export Commercial. After five years of working at Hisar, I was transferred to Jajpur in November 2012 and began working as Senior Manager – Sales Coordination. In 2013, with the merger of my department with Production Planning and its subsequent renaming as Customer Supply Management (CSM), I started working with a new set of responsibilities. Though I feel I have honed my previous set of skills and learnt new ones, I still have miles to go. 

One of the milestones during my journey here was when we successfully implemented the concept of ‘Theory of constraints’ in our team. One of our consultants from the Vector Consulting Group had suggested this theory, which we eventually implemented. This change led to better deliveries.

During this journey, I felt an immense sense of gratitude towards the people I have worked with, my immediate seniors and my subordinates who guide and support me at every step, making the journey smooth when it gets tough.

3-Share some memorable experiences from work.

Last year, I received the award for Best Customer Service. I felt honoured to be facilitated by Creative and Managing Director, JSL Lifestyle, Ms Deepika Jindal and Director, Mr J Sood. Since my role changed in 2013 from sales coordination to production planning, I received this award not for any particular project, but for increasing the customer satisfaction index and for improving deliveries to customers. When we applied Vector Consulting’s theory in our working practices, a new set of rules were formed. We implemented the same calculated delivery method in our daily working, which we use to send orders to our customers. This way, we improved our delivery commitment. I received this award in the 2019 edition of our annual family day function, ‘Utsav’.

4-What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love listening to music. To be honest, I am not fond of any particular genre or artist. I enjoy almost all kinds of music. From ghazals to latest Bollywood track, songs of all ranges feature in my playlist. I also workout and go for a run every couple of days. I enjoy playing cricket on my days off.

5- What is your message to Jindal stainless family?

I would like to share my two cents with this huge joint family. Do not stop learning; whatever be the means of it, books, newspaper, other people or life itself, continue learning. Step out of your comfort zone every now and then. Take up challenges to push yourself beyond your limits, so that they are extended each day. Chalk out a plan for your future and love what you are doing presently. Work hard with zeal and determination to contribute to make our organization a leading stainless steel company in the world.

Stainless Spirit

The Bidding Wizard

  • Mr. Sachin Gupta
    Deputy Manager, Cost Estimation, JSL Lifestyle Ltd

From being a Draftsman in the company to drafting a 25 crore Retention Tank order, Sachin is the business equivalent of his namesake from the cricket world! His enthusiasm for his profession motivates him to commute 5 hours straight to contribute his bit to the organisation. When we recall Mr Gupta’s journey with us, we remember how he continued to work despite being admitted to the hospital for over a month. His zeal to work was higher than his sickness, and here we try to capture his ‘infectious’ commitment to the company…

What was life before you began working with Jindal Stainless?

 Born and brought up in Ghaziabad, I started my professional journey in 2003 with United Composheet, and later moved to Roll Mill Industries in Noida. I worked there for three years with all my passion for learning new things. Working in the manufacturing industry kindled my interest in the magic metal and that’s what made me join our company. Apart from that, I have always enjoyed sharing time with my beautiful wife and two kids. My family motivates me to strive for more happiness and to be a better man every day.

What are some of the responsibilities you have shouldered in this company?

I joined the organisation on August 11, 2006 as a Draftsman and at that time, our organisation was known as Jindal Architecture Limited. After my performance was reviewed, I was promoted to Senior Draftsman. In the year 2015, I was promoted to Associate Manager – Design and also got the opportunity to work in the Cost Estimation Department for all verticals related to the Pathredi plant. In May 2018, I got the opportunity to handle the Railways department cost estimation along with bidding and managing the tendering portal of Indian Railways. My new responsibilities were not easy, but my seniors mentored me to become adept at my job.

Tell us some of your most memorable experiences in the company? 

As recent as July 2019, when I was bidding on the Railways tender, I found myself in a tough spot because there was a lot of competition between other bidders. Reverse Auction bidding consists of multiple-level bidding and the duration of the same is dependent on the number of competitors. However, after 13 hours of continuous bidding, we managed to get the L1 position in the Reverse Auction and bagged the 25 Crore Retention Tank order in favour of JSL Lifestyle. Next day in the Gurgaon office, I was asked to go to the third floor without any explanation. When I reached there, I was surprised to see Ms Deepika Jindal herself standing in front of me with a warm smile on her face. She congratulated me for all the effort that I put into getting the RA tender in our basket! This has definitely been the most memorable moment for me.

What message do you want to convey to your stainless family? 

Since I love watching basketball and am a big fan of Michael Jordan, I would like to share a quote by him – ‘Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.’ I believe that we can apply this to our work too. We should not rest until our good is better and until our better is best. We should try to improve ourselves because if there is no curiosity to learn and improve ourselves, then there will be no progress or happiness in life.

Stainless Spirit

The Indomitable Dilip

  • Mr Dilip Kumar Giri
    Head Production, Mumbai (Patalganga) Unit, Jindal Stainless Steelway Limited

From CA apprenticeship and trying his luck at teaching, to finally heading production at the Mumbai (Patalganga) unit of Jindal Stainless Steelway Limited (JSSL), Mr Dilip Kumar Giri’s journey has been quite a roller-coaster. Read on to see why this relentless performer was sent to Italy just a few months after he joined our company!

Tell us about your life before Jindal Stainless. 

I hail from the Ballia district in Uttar Pradesh. After completing 12th standard, I moved to Delhi since my father was working there. I got enrolled in Delhi University for pursuing B. Com and started simultaneous preparations to become a Chartered Accountant (CA). I started my articleship with Jai Bhagwan & Associates in Delhi but I couldn’t clear the third exam for becoming a CA. My parents did not take this failure easily and stopped funding my expenses. I tried my hand at teaching in a school but the low pay made even sustenance extremely difficult. I then bagged a job at Bhushan Steel in 2000, which helped me pay for a Computer Applications course that I wanted to pursue. I was a line operator in Bhushan Steel and my learning in the one year I spent there helped me land a job at the newly opened Tata Ryerson (now Tata Steel Processing and Distribution Limited) service centre in Faridabad in 2001.

How has the Jindal Stainless journey been for you? 

Joining this company was a childhood dream! Growing up, I’d always heard that ‘pipes lene hain to Jindal ke lo’. The exceptional focus on quality is what had earned Jindal Pipes this fame and it had since been my dream to work with this organisation. Since the time I started working, I was on the lookout for an opening in Jindal Stainless. And my patience was rewarded when I got an interview call. Mr S K Jain was the first person I met when I came for my interview. While waiting for my interview, I realized that everyone who had come to be interviewed for that profile was significantly older, and hence, more experienced than I was. But I did not want to give up! After I was interviewed, I told Mr S S Virdi, our then Director, that I have the passion and knowledge needed for this job; the only thing lacking was my age! I joined Jindal Stainless on Jan 3, 2005 and have happily completed 15 years here this month.I’m indebted to this company due to the kind of exposure and learning opportunities I have received here. A few months after I joined in 2005, the Gurgaon plant became operational and our mission was to make a world class service centre. We got international technology to India to achieve this goal. I was sent to Italy to learn the operational technicalities of the new machines we had procured. In 2009, I was entrusted with the responsibility of supporting Mr Aditya Goel setup our service centre in Spain under Iber Jindal. Not just these opportunities but even my everyday interactions with my colleagues here have taught me more than any college or university ever could. 

Share one of your memorable experiences at work.

 I’m fortunate to have numerous memorable experiences in Jindal Stainless, so it’s hard to pick just one but let me try. When the project work for the Gurgaon plant was completed and we commissioned production, Mr Rattan Jindal visited the plant. During the visit, he stopped at one place, looked at me with a smile on his face and said, “Finishing achhi aayegi na?” The faith with which he looked at me makes it a moment I cannot forget!

What do you like to do in your spare time? Thinking is my hobby, my passion. I love spending time with my thoughts, doing a root cause analysis of whatever is not going as planned in my life, at work, or in the society at large. I like spending time with my family – my wife and younger brother. I’m blessed to have a wife who has always supported me and has raised my younger brother as our son, along with being a practicing medical professional. 

What is your message to Jindal Stainless family? 

I want to share with my Jindal Stainless family what I have followed throughout my life. When we set out to achieve any goal, our will power and dedication should not be compromised at any cost. Even when the times are tough, we should have faith in our abilities and keep moving forward with unyielding passion.