A 14-Year-Long Journey At Jindal Stainless - BK Joshi
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Stainless Spirit

BK Joshi

January 7, 2018    



Like a phoenix, he has risen on his own. From humble beginnings and difficult times to a solid presence and a prominent role. No matter how far he flies today, his roots are intact in the same bed he has risen from. Meticulous yet simple, smart yet grounded, he is always one step ahead of time. Read how a Steno afforded grace to his profession and reached a point to radiate a perfect mix of candor and professionalism, supporting the ‘crown’ of our stainless foundation.

Could You Tell Us Something About Your Early Childhood And Background?

I come from a farmer’s family of a small village in Pauri Garhwal, Uttrakhand. Narrow means and simple living that formed the very base of my childhood, gave both strength to sustain the odds, and aspirations towards a better future. Back in those days, we didn’t have the luxuries of comfort. To get elementary schooling, we had to walk 10 kms everyday, crossing springs and mountains alike. There was no electricity in our village then, and all my student life I studied under the dim light of lanterns. Who knew those shadow figures on walls, that first scared me and then befriended me, will be my only companion in the darkest hours of those days. Rainy days were the toughest, as our school remained closed due to difficult weather and a lack of approach roads. Besides, there was no formal education system. I was introduced to English only in class six. When the kids of my age were composing essays, I was trying to remember the alphabets. Later, in class nine when I chose science as my core subject, I realized that I was among those three students who opted beyond the convention by choosing the challenges of both the subjects, which then was considered very difficult. There was no teacher in our school who could teach us science. Consequently, we found ourselves travelling to a distant school in order to sustain this battle we volunteered ourselves for- the battle to acquire knowledge of the subject, and make good of our lives.

How Did You Come To Delhi?

I came to Delhi with my paternal uncle to pursue my further studies. City life amazed me with its fast pace. I experienced vast, perhaps unbelievable changes, during the journey that has brought me from the flicker of a lamp in my village to the chandeliers of our capital city. I remember how I found everything mysterious in my uncle’s home. From those switch boards to fans, and to almost all the equipments, everything was strange to me. I became a topic of humor for my cousins who in jest used to tease me for not knowing how to even switch on the fan. With the help of my uncle, I learned stenography at home. Now the only wish was to get a decent job, and while completing my graduation, I started looking for one, as that was the need of the hour to fund my further education.

Tell Us About Your Professional Journey.

My first job was as a Stenographer to the Regional Head at Hindustan Construction Limited. I soon became proficient at my work and learned the required skills. Later, I was offered a better role, of a secretary to the Marketing Head at Bhilai Engineering Corporation Limited. I worked there for about four years and moved to another company, Indo Rama Synthetics (India) Limited, to assist their SBU Head. After working there for about three years, the company transferred me to their plant near Nagpur. Life there didn’t treat me well so I decided to come back to Delhi in search of a new job. While I was still in the train back to Delhi, life was plotting something big for me. As I reached Delhi, I got a call from Jindal Stainless for a job opportunity in the Sales and Marketing Dept. I still can’t comprehend that day, was it a coincidence, or some divine intervention! All I know is that I kept moving in the direction where my life was taking me, and I landed at Jindal Stainless.

How Did Your 14-Year-Long Journey At Jindal Stainless Begin?

From 2004 till 2010 I worked in the Sales and Marketing Dept. assisting Mr R K Goyal who was then heading this division. During that time, I acquired the required product knowledge. In 2010, when Mr Goyal left the company, I was hand-picked by Mr Rajiv Rajvanshi, Head- Corporate Strategy to assist him in his work. With him, I got enough exposure in Trade Protection and in liasoning with various ministries, that the data related to the stainless steel industry was now on my tips. In 2013, Mr Rajvanshi recommended me to Mr Rattan Jindal as he was looking for someone to assist him. My industry knowledge and all that I learned with Mr Rajvanshi, paid off that day. Mr Jindal not only approved of me, but on the day one of my deputation with him, he was even looking for me. “Where is that new boy”? He asked someone. It was a life transforming moment, and my life literally changed after that.

Were There Challenges Working In The CMD’s Office?

My new role in the CMD’s office was very challenging, but all the challenges were opportunities in disguise. There was no room for mistakes, I realized that quite early, so I became more vigilant. The relationships I built all this while really helped me and all the seniors supported me immensely. There were those occasional bouts of anxiety initially, as I was ultra-cautious with my new role, so much so that I often used to wake up from my sleep in the middle of the night, thinking my phone is ringing and Mr Jindal is calling! With time the anxiety subsided, and I stopped worrying about work. The only answer to that was mere focus and dedication that nothing perturbs you, not even anxiety. Another reason of how I could do all this was Mr Jindal himself. He is such a good person, that I can work all day and all night for him. But while doing all this, I was falling behind in my other role, my role towards the family. This came as a bigger challenge, as my job was now 24X7, due to which my family started feeling neglected. I coined a new way to overcome this. I started involving my family in my work, and soon arrived the time when I became the storyteller to my kids and wife, narrating the tales of our stainless world to them. Today, my family understands our metal equally well.

What Is Your Message To Your Colleagues?

Working in five different companies before this, I have seen that politics is at the helm of almost every organization’s culture. Whereas, our company believes in creating, enhancing, and celebrating teamwork and carries positivity at all levels. Therefore, I would first like to thank Mr Jindal, as it’s him where these values stem from, and then all my colleagues who maintain and nurture these values as their own. I also want to say that one needs to be responsible, accountable, disciplined, and should have an untiring zeal towards learning, to kiss success in its purest form.

“Joshi is one of those people who go out of their way to compile far-fetched facts in order to perform any job. He believes in what we call as ‘customer’s delight’, in marketing. He doesn’t just do his work proficiently, but ensures that whatever he does it sets a different standard all together. Rajiv Rajvanshi- Director Legal, Strategy, HR and IT