Our Initiatives


The Company has enabled over 200 SHGs to make regular monthly savings and inter-loaning. These groups have successfully engaged with local banks and disbursing loans and subsidies. They have also been exposed to various training programs on enterprise development and marketing of products. Our focus during the years has shifted from a Self Help Group (SHG) model to identifying micro-enterprise opportunities for women that encourages entrepreneurship. With various capacity building measures and trainings, we are inculcating confidence among women who are now eager to take initiatives on their own.


‘Asmita’ began as a small group of 20 enthusiastic young women from Jajpur, Odisha who came together to produce a range of designer home furnishing linen in Ikat print. These women started their journey as semi-skilled local seamstresses to skilled artisans who could produce quality products from a small production center in the remote location of Jajpur. The first range of products received heartwarming reviews and appreciation locally and also by well known brands like FabIndia.

The UN has invited Jindal Stainless Limited to be a member of an international leadership group being formed at the UN.



at Jindal Stainless

The International Women’s Day is a much awaited event at Jindal Stainless as the Company always makes an effort to celebrate the day with great zeal at its Corporate Office and the various plant locations across the country. In the past, the Company has partnered with UN Women, CARE India,. The event always aims to sensitize employees at about the importance of gender equality and inclusivity, apart from taking note of the contribution made by women employees and stakeholders at Jindal Stainless.

Project Stainless Aashiyana

Jindal Stainless Foundation has partnered with The Women of Elements Trust to run a dedicated legal counselling helpline (9310283304) for women and children victims of domestic violence. Project Stainless Aashiyana is a means to provide women and children a safe space to reach out and share their incidents with counsellors who can empower them. The helpline will not only provide legal counsel to victims, but also explain various avenues and resources available to them for individual cases. Jindal Stainless Foundation and The Women of Elements Trust will publicise the information of the helpline initiative through various stakeholders like Police Authorities, lawyers at the Crime Against Women Cells of Delhi Police, etc., to make sure that victims can get immediate help.

Statement of Support

Jindal Stainless is committed to the UN Women Empowerment Principles. Chairman, Jindal Stainless, Mr Ratan Jindal had signed a statement in agreement to the UN Headquarters at the UN Conference held at New York in the presence of Corporate Head-CSR, Jindal Stainless, Brig. Rajiv Williams.