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Magic of stainless steel

Magic of Stainless Steel

When stainless steel was accidentally discovered by an English metallurgist, Harry Brearley, in August 1913, no one could have ever thought that it would quickly become the enabler of the modern progressive world. But it did.

Stainless steel is often confused with mild steel or carbon steel. While carbon steel is a less flexible alloy of steel, stainless steel is an alloy of iron and has minimum 10.5% Chromium as a chief component.

The increased resistance to corrosion in stainless steel is due to the naturally occurring chromium-rich oxide film formed on its surface. Although extremely thin, this inert film is adherent to the metal and is extremely protective in a wide range of corrosive media. The film is rapidly self repairing, in the presence of oxygen, if damaged by any external force.

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