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Research & Development

The gears of our R&D division are always in motion to place Jindal Stainless on the pedestal of not only being India’s leading stainless steel manufacturing company but also an epitome of a game-changing approach that redefines industry standards. This is made possible by discovering ways to work smart, increase efficiency, and cut down on costs - factors that contribute to improving the quality of our end products that in turn are synonymous with being the benchmark of industry standards.

Research & Development

The past decade has been vocal about us developing environmentally friendly and resource-saving products. Guided by the agenda of replacing general-purpose stainless steel, expanding the demand for our existing products, research and development of stainless steel, and catering to the ever-changing market needs, our R&D department puts the dream of a progressive India into motion by producing more features and solution-led technology for our esteemed customers. 

For product development and metallurgy to meet both social and economic needs, we have adhered to continuous upgradation of quality, processes, services, and product innovation to develop new stainless steel products at competitive costs. Cross-fertilization of knowledge between production, quality control, and commercial units, in order to maintain global standards, and to study steel market research has been the guiding principle of the R&D function at Jindal Stainless.

As strong as stainless steel, the unthwarted focus of Jindal Stainless’ Research & Development Department lies in:

  • Steering ahead of the conventional to develop high-value products for the niche markets. Investing in initiatives that promote quality upgradation of existing products to enable enhanced global expansion as well as acceptance.
  • Devoting resources to introspect and tweak the manufacturing technology in order to reduce cost via process development, optimisation, and refinement.
  • Providing a competitive edge to the company via technology enhancement to increase quality production.
  • Foster growth and develop new market segments through knowledge sharing with customers and assist them in their operations and applications of our products.

In order to be at the pinnacle of the stainless steel industry scenario in India, the R&D division closely interacts with reputed national and international laboratories, scientific institutions, and universities to avail expert services and knowledge for critical investigations and to regularly analyse steel research. Sustaining a long-term supply partnership with our customers, we are forever on our toes to continually innovate and patent our ever-growing oeuvre of products and services.

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