Jindal Stainless Upgrades OP Jindal Memorial Park Sustainably

Jindal Stainless makes sustainable upgrades at OP Jindal Memorial Park

(R-L) Co-founder, Prabhaav Foundation, Ms Parul Kumar unveiling the book with Chairperson, JSF, Ms Deepika Jindal

Park’s development metrics in line with United Nations’ SDG benchmarks 

Hisar, August 19, 2021: Jindal Stainless Foundation (JSF), the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of Jindal Stainless, along with Prabhaav Foundation, has taken up multiple sustainable initiatives to restore, develop, maintain, and preserve the iconic OP Jindal Memorial Park in Hisar, Haryana. The development has led the park to fulfill Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 11.7 set by the United Nations (UN). SDG 11.7 aims to provide universal access to safe, inclusive, and accessible green and public spaces, in particular for women and children, older persons and persons with disabilities by 2030.  

Chairperson, JSF, Ms Deepika Jindal, who unveiled a book on the efforts undertaken at the park in Hisar today said, “For us, practicing sustainability is not a corporate obligation, but a social responsibility. There is an alarming need for everyone to be conscious towards the environment and take active steps to preserve it. Jindal Stainless Foundation takes great pride in restoring a society-friendly park that not only welcomes everyone, but also helps restore the environment. I am thankful to our implementation partner Prabhaav Foundation, who have helped us bring a positive impact on the soil of Hisar. We further plan to develop a herbal garden, meditation centre, jogging track, and carry forth our green initiatives to convert this into a ‘zero waste park’.”

Set up in the fond memory of Founder, Jindal Group conglomerate, Late Shri OP Jindal, the OP Jindal Memorial park sports a combination of traditional and modern ideas – plantations, water conservation, composting, landscaping, mural art, stainless steel installations, and other art installations. JSF has upgraded various facilities and introduced new ones at the OP Jindal Park like solar lamps, boundary walls, street access, ramps, sanitation, and green cover. Steered by co-founders Ms Parul Kumar and Ms Vandana Lakhanpal, Prabhaav Foundation is the implementation partner for this project and is maintaining the park along with JSF.

Co-founder & Vice President, Prabhaav Foundation, Ms Parul Kumar said, “OP Jindal Memorial Park is a microcosm of the ethos of Hisar city. This book documents the sustainable makeover of the park that we were able to gift the city. This project will also prove to be a rich source of data as regards UN SDGs’ measurement methodology.”

JSF has planted ~20,000 trees at the park, conserved 2.5 million liters of water, helped manage 140 tonnes of waste, and installed 24 benches and multiple solar lights. This has enabled the Foundation sequester ~790 tonnes of CO2, add ~3,700 tonnes of oxygen to the air, and intercept ~474 million litres of rainwater. The park is currently accessible to more than 4,000 people in Hisar and is a well-maintained green space for the betterment of their health and quality of life. 

A quantitative evaluation of this project can be accessed at https://www.mysuperhumanrace.com/jsf/sdg11 

About Jindal Stainless Foundation

JSF, a society registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, was established with the aim of implementing various social and environmental initiatives through direct & indirect methods.  It is the CSR executing arm of Jindal Stainless and caters to relevant issues such as Community Development, Education, Integrated Health Care, Skill Development, Women Empowerment, Environment & Business, and Human Rights.

About Prabhaav Foundation

Prabhaav Foundation is a Delhi-based non-government organization that professionally implements CSR projects along with corporates. The foundation emphasizes on co-existence and developing a strong ecosystem by motivating and educating masses. The foundation is driven by people from diverse educational backgrounds and is making a difference in creating a positive impact on the society.