Jindal Stainless Dedicates Water ATM on World Environment Day

Jindal Stainless Dedicates Water ATM In Rohad On World Environment Day

Village Rohad, Haryana, 5th June, 2018: Jindal Stainless Foundation, part of Jindal Stainless Group, today reiterated its commitment to fulfilling business responsibilities. The Foundation dedicated a water ATM to the community at Village ‘Rohad’ in Haryana on World Environment day. As a responsible corporate citizen, particularly for the marginalized communities in the vicinity of its operations, Jindal Stainless continuously engages with communities through sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects. Emphasizing the commitment to improve lives, Chairperson, Jindal Stainless Foundation & Managing Director, JSL Lifestyle, Ms Deepikka Jindal, said, “Giving back to the society and improving lives is an integral philosophy of our foundation and we are committed to the communities we are surrounded by. Throughout the year, we engage in numerous initiatives with an aim to bring about a meaningful change in the lives of the community people. We are extremely happy to have installed the water ATM, which will not only provide clean & safe drinking water, but also have a direct impact on the health of people living in the vicinity”. Water ATM will directly benefit more than 7000 people in the village

Drinking water has assumed critical importance in the future of human survival. It will be the central agenda in global burden of diseases. Jindal Stainless foundation had been concerned about the community needs in the vicinity of the workshop in Rohad, especially the lack of clean drinking water. It was after carrying out a need assessment that this initiative has been undertaken. This also underscores clean drinking water initiative as part of ‘Mission Swachh Bharat’, which not only mitigates the problem of clean drinking water through installation of the water ATM, but demonstrates community ownership. As per this model, land for the water station is acquired by the local panchayat and the capital cost of Rs. 35 lakh per water station is granted by Jindal Stainless along with the corporate partner, Water Life. This water station is based on ATM model where water dispensation will be at a minimal cost for quality drinking water. The cost of water being dispensed by water ATM is 35 paisa per litre, against the price of one litre bottled drinking water sold in the market for Rs. 20. This will be the second functional water ATM in Haryana by Jindal Stainless Foundation. The first water ATM is currently functional in Pathredi village.

This ATM model is based on community ownership, where it will be run by the local community and earnings from the ATM will support the operational and maintenance costs. Moreover, this ownership model will instill ‘pay for use’ habit and ensure minimum wastage of water. Under this system, water dispensation on a daily basis will be recorded and the data will be digitally transferred to the main water station office, which will monitor the water quality and quantity. The station office is also responsible for quick solutions in case of any problem with the water station.

As part of sustainable initiatives, Jindal Stainless foundation has been serving the marginalized sections of society through its strategic CSR initiatives. Besides environment, foundation engages in the field of education, health care, women empowerment, community development and agriculture space by providing farmers technical and digital knowledge platform.