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50 years Banner - Jindal Stainless
50 years Banner - Jindal Stainless

India's first and largest Swadeshi stainless steel company, also serving customers across 60 countries.

Thanking you for the letting us add a stainless sparkle to all facets of your life for the last 50 years.


A mini steel plant, which produces hot rolled carbon steel coils, plates, slabs and blooms, is established as Jindal Strips Limited at Hisar. This marks the birth of not just Jindal Stainless, but the entire OP Jindal Group of Companies, which is today an industrial conglomerate with an annual turnover of US $35 billion.


Under the guidance of OP Jindal, PR Jindal introduces Argon-Oxygen Decarburization (AOD), a major breakthrough in stainless steel technology. India witnesses its first indigenously manufactured stainless steel.


The Company’s stainless steel products gain popularity with quality standards par with imported stainless steel. Company installs and expands its downstream facilities.


The Company establishes a cold rolling unit in Village-Vasind, Dist. - Thane, Maharashtra, which is now part of JSW Steel Limited.


The Company comes out with its Initial Public Offer (IPO) of 12,00,000 equity shares and 4,80,000 Non-Convertible Debentures.

The Company purchases a steel manufacturing unit from Piramal Steels Limited, which later becomes a part of JSW Steel Limited.


Country faces a severe shortage in Nickel, owing to dried up forex reserves. Company overcomes this challenge by commercially introducing the low-Nickel 200 series for the first time in the world. The trend is then adopted by China, and the world follows suit. Grades J1/J2/J3/J4, popularized by the Company, are in vogue even today.

The Company takes a big and bold stride in manufacturing excellence. Becomes an exclusive producer of stainless steel strips for making razor and surgical blades in India. Four years later, Company adds stainless steel precision strips to its product portfolio.

Company establishes a Sponge Iron plant at Raigarh in Madhya Pradesh, which is now a part of Jindal Steel & Power Limited.



The Hisar plant undergoes a major expansion drive to produce sophisticated, high-end stainless steel. Company’s stainless steel melting capacity expands by 3,50,000 tonnes in this year.

Jindal Ferro Alloys Ltd, set up in 1987, is amalgamated with the Company in this year. The Ferro Alloys Division in Vishakhapatnam is thus formed.


Company initiates the production of Coin Blanks in Hisar.

Jindal Stainless opens a 40,000 tonnes cold rolling facility, Massilon Stainless, in Ohio, USA to manufacture thin grades of stainless steel for the USA market. The unit is closed down after economic slowdown in USA following September 2001 terrorist attack.


The pioneering leadership of Deepika Jindal lends a paradigm shift to stainless steel. She launches Arttd’inox, a premium brand of homeware and tableware which fuses the utility of stainless steel with the beauty of art.


Jindal Strips is restructured and the manufacturing operations are spun off to be called Jindal Stainless. Arttdinox launches designer stainless steel lifestyle products in the retail market. Jindal Chromite Mines are acquired in Kaliapani village, Odisha.


Ratan Jindal sets the ball rolling for setting up of a 3.2 million tonnes integrated stainless steel project at Kalinga Nagar Industrial Complex in Jajpur District of Odisha. The facilities are installed in two phases over next several years.


Jindal Stainless establishes its foothold in the South East Asian & Oceania markets with the acquisition of a stainless steel Cold Rolling Plant in Indonesia.


Jindal Stainless Foundation, the CSR arm of Jindal Stainless, is established. Company enters a Joint Venture with Steelway and opens 4 service centres. Two years later the Company forms an international JV and establishes Iberjindal S.L, a service centre in Spain. Steelway is later acquired as a fully owned subsidiary.


The Hisar unit gets expanded to a capacity of 0.8 million tonnes, and production begins at Jajpur unit with capacity equivalent to Hisar’s.


Jindal Stainless is selected to provide stainless steel to the world renowned International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor’s cryostat megaproject in France.


Jindal Stainless becomes India’s first metal manufacturing firm to migrate to HANA enterprise cloud platform. Company forays into defence sector by signing an agreement with DRDO to manufacture High Nitrogen Steel (HNS) and becomes India’s first company to commercially manufacture HNS.


Jajpur unit expands operations to produce 1.1 million tonnes. With Hisar’s 0.8 million tonnes capacity, total capacity reaches 1.9 million tonnes annually, eventually scalable to 4 million tonnes.

Today, Jindal Stainless is world’s largest producer of razor blade grade of stainless steel, and among the largest producer of coin blanks in the world.