Stainless Initiatives

Stainless Steel is truly the metal of the century.

Here at 'The Stainless' we travel many geographies from art, design and architecture to provide a platform for creative minds for expressing their interpretation & experimentation with this metal.

Launched in 2007 by Ms.Deepikaa Jindal, The Stainless Gallery has showcased works of eminent designers, architects, artists & sculptors through our previous exhibitions like Saptarishis, Ashtanayika & Ekant to name a few. It endeavors to host such cutting edge exhibitions every year.

Spread over 5500 Sq ft, technologically endowed, this state of the art gallery not only has its own unique collection of Stainless Steel art but also offers its space as an exhibition venue to other artists and galleries to showcase their works.

A Subsidiary of Jindal Stainless. The Stainless gallery is a one stop destination for eclectic Stainless Steel Art.

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