Stainless Steel In Architecture, Building & Construction

Stainless steel has been used in architecture, building and construction since its invention. Stainless Steel provides tremendous design flexibility to high profile projects while their strength and resistance to corrosion, wear and fire make them a practical long lasting choice for public and industrial buildings.

Worldwide stainless steels are being used for structural applications ranging from cutting edge architecture to infrastructure. Exceptional structural historical examples include the stainless steel concrete reinforcing bar in Yucatan, Mexico’s Progreso Pier (1945); St. Louis, USA’s Gateway Arch (1965); and the Louvre Pyramid in Paris, France (1989).

Stainless Steel is a material par excellence, which now seeks to permeate through Indian Architecture and we at Jindal Stainless are committed to provide quality Stainless Steel products to cater to the emerging markets of Stainless Steel for Architecture, Building and Construction.

Stainless steel -architect’s delight
  • Superior aesthetics
  • Tough & durable
  • Weldable & easily formable
  • Highly corrosion resistant
  • Choice of colorful coatings & different finishes
  • Fire resistant
  • Low maintenance/ Virtually Fit & Forget
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Low life cycle cost
  • Suitability for clean & hygienic environment
Applications of Stainless Steel in ABC

Intensive and innovative approach of architects have brought in interesting applications of stainless steel in architecture, building & construction.

  • Roofing: SS roofing is a zero maintenance solution
  • Cladding & panelling
  • column cladding
  • Interior panelling
  • curtain walling
  • Doors frames & shutters
  • Railings & balustrades
  • Signages, street furniture & sculptures
  • Waterlines
  • Structurals
  • Water tanks & building accessories
  • Staircase and Atrium Railings
  • Designer Furniture, Cafe Furniture
  • Lighting Systems, Bus Shelters
  • Modular Furniture, Offices