We firmly believe that all accidents are preventable and have taken several measures to promote safety at various stages to roll out “ACCIDENT FREE STEEL”.

Jindal Stainless has a three-Tier system of safety committees at the site level committee, shop floor level committee and Apex Management committee.

A fully fledged EHS Department comprising experienced & empowered Chief Safety Officer, safety officers, fire officers, plant specific safety champions and safety stewards, coupled with area-wise safety responsibility matrix has been constituted to devise world class systems & procedures as a step towards creating safe work places and also ensuring compliance with safety. Line Responsibility is inherently adopted thus driving safety ownership at respective shop floor.

As an integral part of our EHS system, HAZOP studies, safety induction & refreshment trainings / awareness, work permit system, use of periodically tested & certified lifting tools & tackles, job safety analysis (JSA), tool box training, adherence to Personal Protective Equipments (PPE), daily safety surveys / inspections, internal joint audits, external safety audits, equipment & process safety audits, suggestion scheme, contests, periodical health check-up, regular performance review & corrections actions, rewards & recognition, punitive actions, etc, are religiously followed towards eliminating hazards and achieving accident prevention at first instance.

To facilitate a better safety on road, the entry of all motor cycles is strictly prohibited inside the premises. Entire road network is very wide & made of tar, which is maintained in very good condition, properly illuminated at all places, enabling smooth traffic movement. Many traffic barriers, convex mirrors, traffic guard posts, hoardings on safety/ traffic safety, caution boards, signages, etc have been placed in many locations all along the road.

Photo Identify cards are issued to the workers only after fulfilling HR related statutory provisions, pre-employment health check-up, safety Induction training and subsequent refresher training at Safety Training Centre.

Safety Promotions

A dedicated SAFETY TRAINING CENTRE (STC) well equipped with multimedia facilities viz., LCD, VCD, PC, audio system, Training Modules, Safety Library, Safety Videos on various topics and sitting capacity of 100 persons is established to impart audio-visual aided induction & job specific safety trainings daily.

Various Safety Promotion campaigns, awareness drive, publicity & propaganda are undertaken at regular intervals to instill safety culture. Following are worth mentioning

  • Plant wide display of safety messages, posters, slogans, safe work instructions, SOP, Do’s & Don’ts, MSDS, etc.
  • Grand observance of National Safety Day/Week, Fire service day/week & World Environment Day/Week involving entire workforce.
  • Quiz, essay, poster, etc. competitions on safety, fire, environment & energy
  • Demonstration of usage of PPEs like Full body harness, Life line, Fall arrestor, Rescue operation, etc.
  • Distribution of pamphlets such as ‘Traffic Safety Guidelines with Road Map’ to all drivers at the entry gate and ‘Safe Material Handling’ to all Hydra & Crane operators.
Emergency Preparedness

On-Site Emergency Plan has been duly approved by Directorate of Factories & Boilers, which is circulated and communicated to all concerned persons / authorities. Mock drills are conducted at various locations of the plant as per approved plan once in every month. Corrective actions are undertaken for any short comings assessed thereof. Assembly points and ambulance points are also displayed widely. Mutual Aid Scheme is also in place with neighboring industries viz., M/s VISA, MESCO, NINL, District Fire Centre, etc.

An Emergency Control Room (ECR) has been earmarked near our Main Fire Station, which is equipped with all required facilities such as 1 dedicated land phone, 2 mobile phones, wind sack, display of emergency command structure & emergency numbers, required PPEs, round the clock manning, fire emergency & rescue tools, BA Apparatus, Fire Extinguishers, 3 Fire Tenders, emergency siren, PA system, etc to monitor an emergency situation.

All operating plants are surrounded / safeguarded with fire pumps, multi location hydrant lines, points, monitors, hose boxes, portable fire extinguishers, fire buckets, smoke detectors, alarm systems, etc in adequate numbers. Fire fighting & rescue training programs are conducted regularly to all, thus ensuring ready availability of first respondents at incident site itself. Main Fire Station, manned by 21 fire crew under supervision of qualified & experienced Fire Engineers has following readily to combat emergencies.