JSL Celebrates Diwali with "Hum Sabki Diwali" Campaign

Jindal Stainless celebrates Diwali with ‘Hum Sabki Diwali’ digital campaign

The Jindal Stainless family embodies the spirit of camaraderie and togetherness in the workplace. In line with that spirit, the Company has launched its heart-touching and highly-emotional ‘Hum Sabki Diwali’ digital campaign. 

The campaign video showcases the emotions of people celebrating the festival with their family outside of home- their colleagues, with whom they spend most of their time. The video portrays how colleagues are our extended family, during festivals and beyond. While the video revolves around colleagues cheering each other up during the time of festivals, it also touches upon the importance of karma before dharma, as taught by God himself. 

The video opens with colleagues at a manufacturing plant planning to leave for their homes on Diwali, while one of them focuses on the preparations needed to make the festival worth remembering away from home. He gets ready for traditional festivities in a non-traditional place, his karma-bhumi, the manufacturing plant. His colleagues joyously call him to celebrate the festival, and he graciously joins them in an upbeat mood as he feels enveloped by the love and warmth of his colleagues. Together, they share sweets, light diyas, and click selfies.

The Jindal Stainless #HumSabkiDiwali digital campaign is testimony to a very powerful message that the feeling of family and the spirit of the Diwali transcend seamlessly from dharma-bhumi, or home, to karma-bhumi, or the workplace. The video also exemplifies Jindal Stainless’ passion in caring for its people, i.e. the Stainless family at all times, which has been evident for the last fifty years.

To watch the video, please click on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cISzXC4J0XE