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Our Partner, Our Pride

Mr Rakesh Bansal

August 18, 2018    



Good things happen to good people”, says Mr Rakesh Bansal who humorously adds that the only thing that has not been consistent in business has been his age. Espousing the spirit of the ‘Swadeshi’ movement, his company proudly engraves ‘Made in India’ on all their products. With this edition of Stainless Post, we bring to you this one-of-a-kind combination of hard work, simplicity, and humour. From being a dreamy, small-town boy of Haryana to becoming the Managing Director of JNB Steel Industries Pvt. Ltd, explore the journey of the man who made it big in life with his relentless dedication and optimistic attitude.

Tell us about your life story and how you have changed over the years.

Mr Rakesh Bansal
Managing Director, JNB Steel Industries Pvt Ltd.

I belong to a service class family. Coming from a small town called Tohana in Haryana, I vividly recall a long, winding canal where we used to bathe daily. I fondly look back at my childhood memories when we used to play hopscotch and ‘Pitthu’. I attended college for just one year but my experiential learning in life has been immense. Although my childhood was full of struggles, I remember the love of my family when I look back; thinking about my father fills me with inspiration. My family started a business in petroleum products in 1957. All the members of my family were involved in it. It was only in 1981 that my brother started our new family business in Delhi in stainless steel utensils and fiberglass. I believe that life gives us all one chance to do something big in life. I found mine when I realized that this family business deserved to be expanded, and the responsibility of doing this should be shared. I took on this challenge with the intent to learn, and in turn, serve our country; this is my endeavour even today. Throughout these years, my experiences, my business, and life in general have been my only teachers. A disciplined life makes for a better life, which is why there is a constant need for me to keep doing something.

In your opinion, what are some milestones that have helped shape the destiny of JNB Steel Industries?

‘Made in India’, this is what is engraved on all our products. I believe that this is what JNB Steel is destined for – serving the country and making it self-sufficient. From the very beginning, I was taught the importance of hard work. My father stands as my idol in my journey. Even today, when I see him cycling around the city at the ripe age of 87, I am reminded of my roots. At JNB, we have a completely different culture. We work as a family. This is the reason that we have some employees who have been working with us for the last 27 years. From my father, I have learnt to lead by example; so when I see garbage littered, I pick it up on my own. This little act instils a feeling of belongingness and responsibility, something that everyone at our company takes up and takes forward. Along with this, a dignified and trustworthy stature in the market is something that we have earned. I hope to build upon these roots as we go ahead.

When and how did your journey with Jindal Stainless begin?

We started our association with the Hisar plant in 1998. The fact that our journey with them continues to flourish is reason enough to believe that Jindal Stainless is great at maintaining relations. Jindal Stainless has never compromised with their product’s quality. They even overcame the minor delivery issues which had cropped up in the initial phases of shipment. In 1995, the stainless steel industry in India was prominent in Mumbai alone. For stainless steel parts to come to Delhi, they had to be delivered via Ludhiana from Mumbai. It was only after 2003 that a major growth was witnessed in the NCR region. It is heartening to see that thi s industry has grown at the rate of 10% every year since then. We share a mutually beneficial relationship with Jindal Stainless. Our growth is synonymous with their growth. I wish the company all the success in the world and hope that the empire takes to the sky in the coming future.

From your entire gamut of business partners, what sets Jindal Stainless apart?

For me, what sets Jindal Stainless apart is its visionary leadership and management. Shri OP Jindal Jiwas way ahead of his time. Whenever a new machine came to the plant, he would first dismantle the entire machine himself and then set it up again from scratch. He did so to make sure that he is aware of each and every equipment that comes into his plants. Jindal Ji is a celebrity in his own way. If he set his mind on something, it was written in stone. I am proud to be associated with the company as it successfully follows the footsteps of his able leadership.

What is your message to all the young leaders out there?

“Saaf neeyat, nek iraada”, that’s my message to everyone. Whatever you choose to do in life, do it with 100% dedication. Focus on one work at a time, and have faith in your efforts. Work diligently and do not think about the consequences of your work. Do not stop learning from people around you. Also, it is important to keep yourself fit and active. The future generation should follow the call of their hearts. Do not chase success; rather envision your dreams boldly and fix your path towards them. Once you do that, all the roads will ultimately lead to success.

Mr Bansal along with his workers at shop floor
Mr Rakesh Bansal with his team for plant visit