Magic Of Stainless Steel

When stainless steel was accidentally discovered by an English metallurgist, Harry Brearley, in August 1913, no one could have ever thought that it would so quickly become the material of the modern progressive world in such a short time. But it did. Stainless steel is attractive because of its resistance to erosion and corrosion; can you believe that the global economy loose over $ 5000 bn USD every year on account of corrosion. Increase in usage of stainless steel can check this loss to a great extent. The great thing about stainless steel, apart from its resistance to corrosion, is that, inspite of being light-weight it does not compromise on strength. Moreover, it is heat resistant, durable, impact resistant, low maintenance, flexible, hygienic, has a low life-cycle cost and an aesthetic appearance. What more one can ask for!!!