In accordance with the National Policy on Education, education is viewed as essentially for all. This is fundamental to the nation’s all-round development, material and spiritual. Education has an acculturating role. It refines sensitivities and perceptions that contribute to national cohesion. In sum, education is a unique investment in the present and the future.

At Jindal Stainless Limited we recognize the role of education in facilitating social and economic progress. It opens opportunities leading to both individual and group entitlement. Education in the broadest sense of development of youth is the most crucial input for empowering people with skills and knowledge and giving them access to productive employment in future.

Our interventions in education have been designed keeping the above framework in mind and we reach out to over 3000 children at our various plant locations throughout the country. The programs range from setting up village libraries, running non-formal education programs to bridge the gap between children who are out of school and enroll them to formal education set ups to computer education.

Non-Formal Education Centre's are being run in the community and provide basic education to children who are first generation learners and drop outs. The centre's aim at providing basic education to the children and eventually link them to formal schools. Remedial Educations Centre's provide support to older students in subjects like mathematics and science. Efforts are also put in to ensure that the children who have enrolled in schools do not drop out due to poor performance. Remedial education centers running in schools provide the much needed support to the students in subjects like mathematics, science and English.

Innovative programs like Hole in the Wall program and education through sports are also being implemented to reach out maximum beneficiaries.

Hole in the wall is a unique self learning computer based program for children. As the name suggests, it is an initiative which has a computer system in the open which can be accessed by the children in the community or a school without restrictions. The program encourages children to explore the computer system on their own and explore the various learning programs on maths, science, cleanliness, sanitation, also involves interactive computer based exercises for children.

Education through Sports program works directly with 2000 children and looks at enhancing their sports skills on the playground and overall personality development through sports. Through games issues like education, personal hygiene, friendship, gender sensitivity, leadership skills, and communication skills are addressed.

Formal education is imparted through the Vidya Devi Jindal School, a residential school for girls in Hisar with over 800 students and O.P. Jindal Modern School, a co-ed school with 3000 students