CSR Philosophy and Mission Statement

We address key social and environmental issues and encourage participation of all stake holders in various community based initiatives. We strive to develop an enabling environment for all stakeholders through Community based Sustainable Development Programmes and in so doing facilitate Inclusive Development.

Sustainability initiatives of Jindal Stainless are being guided & spearheaded by Mrs. Deepikaa Jindal through the Jindal Stainless Foundation of which she is the chairperson.

Jindal Stainless Foundation is running various developmental initiatives all of which are aimed at reaching out to the individuals & communities and to provide them with a platform to empower themselves.

We, at the Foundation believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is a strategic approach, which integrates social and environmental concerns into our business operations. Based on this guiding principal, Jindal Foundation addresses relevant issues like Community Development, Education, Integrated Health Care, Skill Development, Women Empowerment, Environment and Business & Human Rights.

All of the above mentioned programs are being implemented not only across all our plant locations but, also in areas which are out of our sphere of influence. To implement these programs effectively, partnerships have been made with NGO’s and Institutions which specialize in fields of education and skill development and industrial training.