The foundation of the largest stainless steel company in India was laid in Hisar, Haryana when the Jindal family decided to set up a stainless steel manufacturing plant in the early 1970's. By 1977-78 the plant was operational and it started to produce 10,000 MT per annum. In over three decades the Plant has progressed from 10,000 MT to 800,000 MT per annum and its product range includes; Slabs & Blooms, Hot Rolled Coils, Strips, Plates and Cold Rolled Coils.
The Specialty Products Division of the company gives it the unique distinction of being the world’s largest producer of high quality Precision Strips and Stainless Steel strips for razor blades. Apart from precision strips and razor blade stainless steel, the plant also produces coin blanks serving the requirements of both, Indian and International mints.
The Hisar plant is equipped with its own advance R&D which continuously researches on various grades of stainless steel. The R&D at Hisar has played a major role in helping Jindal Stainless to pioneer the commercialization of the 200 series and also to produce high quality stainless steel for the Nuclear Sector.
Hot Rolling Complex comprises of 4-Hi Twin stand Hot Steckel Mill and Tandem Strip Mill with a total capacity of 720,000 tons per annum & 350,000 tons per annum respectively. Hot Steckel Mill consists of a Roughing Stand, 2 Finishing Stands and a Walking Beam Slab Reheating Furnace. The Tandem Strip mill comprises of Reheating Furnace, Roughing Stand, five Finishing Stands and Down Coiler.
The complex also consists of Plate Annealing & Pickling facilities along with Shot Blasting, Straightening & Leveling equipment to produce Stainless Steel Plates of various grades.
Cold Rolling Complex has a capacity to produce 275,000 tons per annum of Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Flat products.
The complex is equipped with four 20 Hi-Sendzimir Cold Rolling Mills, Four continuous Anneal and Pickle lines, three of these are equipped with Electrolytic Pickling, one bright Annealing Line, three Coil Preparation Lines, four Slitting Lines, one Leveling and Sheet Shearing Line with associated facilities.
A dedicated facility for manufacture of very thin gauge, narrow precision strips with very high flatness, close tolerances and excellent surface finish exists in Hisar unit with large number of rolling mills, bright annealing lines, tension leveler & precision slitters enabling Hisar unit to produce cold rolled products in the wide range of 0.05 to 4 mm thickness.